Alex Wheels + Kenda Tyres + Tubes [Price Drop] gear bicycle-Fixed-Gear-Single-Speed-Wheels-Wheelset-Tyres_W0QQitemZ280415265050QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Sport_Cycling_Parts?hash=item414a0d611a

buy it now 400…you have got to be joking

Why buy b43’s for $300 when for only another $100 more you could buy these!!!


I doubt they’ll go for that much, i really just want to get someone bidding at 250.

meanwhile, B43s are 400 a set without tyre or tubes.

With the Aussie dollar flying high, B43s now come in at $310:

But even at $250 these wheels are a big ask IMO. And I don’t think tyres and tubes change that at all.

yeah yeah, righto. Price drop!