ALfine 11 Experience?

Would like to know if any members have had any experience with the Alfine 11. In particular peoples long term use and use on steep climbs? I have heard talk of the hub lacking in durability, especially when under load.

The hub works fine in its intended environment - geared high (2.38 or higher, IIRC) on hybrid/commute type bikes. Off-road, high torque, lower gearing, yes it will blow up. It also uses a roller clutch engagement instead of pawls, so it has a spongy engagement feel which takes some getting used to - you may never get used to it.

Alfine 8 is stiffer, tougher, heavier.

Did you join a fixed gear forum just to ask about an internal geared hub?

  • Joel

Thanks for the info. Am looking at new frames at the moment and was looking at rear spacing and the possibility of running an extra rear wheel built up with the 11 for some touring duties. Only room for one bike! The extra 100% range of the 11 over 8 is what is attracting me to it.

Oh and yeah that’s exactly why I joined. :smiley:

You’ll be nominated to be a moderator later this week :wink:

the 8 still has a gearing spread comparable to that of a conventional road setup (you’re talking about road touring yes???)

What would you know you tour with one gear pursuit bars and no shirt
That’s a far cry from beard, sandals and geared hubs.

ha - this is true

-Road touring yep

-Hub and Beard, Check.

-Where can I get said sandals?

It’s not an extra 100%, it’s an extra 100 percentage points. An extra 100% would be like having one in your crankset and one in your wheel.

Don’t mock the sandals, they are serious business. I’m racing in mine today, with knee-length socks.

  • Joel

What are peoples opinions on the Alfine 8 or 11 for use on a tandem?
(yes it’s spaced @145mm but if you just run the non-turn washers on the inside of the dropouts that should be OK no?)

From the above posts it seems the 8 might be a better bet but I will need convincing arguments as it’s for my dad (and mum) and he’s all like OMGWTFBBQ11!1!!! 400% range 11 gears immediatly dismissing anything with fewer speeds from his mind (he secretly lusts after a Rolhoff and has already cultivated the beard and socks and sandals to go with it).

It’s a 26" ridgid MTB style tandem mostly used on rail trails, bike paths etc. Estimated all up weight ~170kg.

I’m hoping some form of alfine is an option as i’m getting tired of trying to adjust the craptacular bargain basment mismatched gruppo the tandem came with ever time i visit mum and dad :stuck_out_tongue:

SRAM P5 cargo! (If you can find one.)

I reckon for the higher torque it’ll see the red band nexus / alfine 8 is the way to go.


does anyone know if there is a twist shifter for the alfine 11? looks like only available for the nexu/alfine 8