All City Big Block

edit: wheels are done. good times. found out the hard way that when the brake pads wear down, there isn’t enough drop on the calipers to prevent them from just kissing the edge of the sidewall/ cue tyre bead disintegration and tyre explosion. hence minus brake atm.

I’ve had this for a few months now, I’ll get some better pictures up after Dan builds up my profile->open pro wheels, but it’s stock except for a cycle underground chainring, concor seat, odyssey grips, rear hillbrick V, and front road wheel. seatpost sucks, and i can’t adjust the seat flat enough, but that’s a good excuse to get a thomson post and stem with some more drop.
It rides firm and nippy, much stiffer then my old frame, pretty happy with it overall/ most annoying thing is the damn lawyer lips on the fork.

i like… want to see this finished though!

Looks great, love the drop out design on the back. Where did you buy this from?

ah glad to hear you’re happy with it. got one of the framesets on it’s way to me at the moment, can’t wait.

what city are you in? i’m yet to see one of these on the road…

bought it off the internet from the states, i’m located in melborneo

riding brakeless reminds me of picking a scab. it feels so nice, but i’m always aware that it could end with blood and pain.

You can get an Ultegra level medium reach brake, code BR-R600, or there’s lots of decent Tektros, some have clearance for fat tyres too.

A file will make short work of those lips.