All City Big Block

Hi All, this is my All City BB. Was a long time in the making (and was originally going to be a Pake RR except for the local distributor being a bit/extremely disorganised… Turned out to be a blessing in disguise, this frame is sweet).
Was awesome fun sourcing all the parts, getting them shipped in one by one, and then finally piecing it all together.

Essentially I went lo-tec fixed because I’m a tightwad. I had been commuting on my Addict R3 but got sick of continually spending significant $$$ on maintenance on delicate chains, cassettes, tyres wheels et al due to the high km’s in all sorts of weather (last winter was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back).

Didn’t turn out to be the incredible budget build that I thought it might be, but I took the “why compromise now, I’ll only be disappointed every time I ride it…” approach. Hopefully I reap the solid build philosophy in the long run.

Parts list:

Bars: Ritchey Pro EvoCurve
Stem: Ritchey
Headset: Ritchey Pro V2
Seatpost: Ritchey Pro
Seat:Pro Logo Nago Evo
Crankset: Sram Omnium 165/48t
Wheels: Velocity Deep V
Tyres: Conti GP 4 seasons
Cog: DA 15t
Tape: Fizik
Brakes/levers: Shimano R650/Cane Creek SCR5
Pedals: 105 SPD/SL
Cage: Elite

Apologies for the links, i couldn’t get to work (kept freezing) and I’m to n00b to know how to work the fandangled insert URL thingamajig…

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Nice work dude! Looks real nice!

Fuck water, drink tools! I like it man. Looks good. What’s on the stem, and how does the seat feel?

Looks real good.

Rhys - looks like battery pack + ay ups or something similar

I really love those BB frames, good job!

Ay-Up Lights and battery, it could be placed better.

Cheers lads, and thanks for sorting the pictures Rooster.

Spot on, they are ayups with the epic battery, a little obese but entirely necessary for the dark, wet, mid winter commutes. Will take them off pretty soon I think, when the weather settles doen a bit…

The saddle is one of the comfiest I’ve ridden, I have the same on my roadie. When my first one broke I sampled a few others including the Arione (ouch) and ended up coming back to the nago. I highly recommend it.

I’m really happy with the BB. I had a Pake on order for about 6 months, CSV just kept stuffing up the order. First they deliver a damaged frame, then replaced it with one the wrong size, then sent one without a fork. Finally lost my patience and stumbled upon the All City stuff and ordered one of these from and had it inside of a week! The only problem I had then was that the black 105 brakes I’d bought for the Pake wouldn’t fit the BB because it’s built to take 32mm tyres. That resulted in the silver long reach brakes. Which incidentally work incredibly well. Only they’re the wrong colour…

Yeah, the problem is that the 6hr battery pack is way too fat to sit under the top tube. Looks as bad as one of those super huge dangly saddle bags…

Nice build! What is your first name?

Yeah, It’s not Chuck… I named the bike Chuck Norris because whenever I ride it it’s “this” close to kicking my a$$.

Don’t know if it’s just the photo angle but those bars look like they could be angled up a bit. Nice job though, I really want one of these frames.

Yeah, the 3 hour battery is all you will ever need.

Definitely not in Melbourne, my commute is 1 hour each way and I don’t trust myself to recharge every night… This setup lasts me a good three days and has worked well on my roadie for the last few years. Although that had bigger tubes to conceal things a bit better.

Your avatar, is that from the guy who rode the p/farthing around the world? Or is it yours?

looks good man.