All-City STTB!

Finally took the time to get some photos and I decided to put them online.

All-City STTB! - Pedal Room

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I like these frames even if they do have a bad rep for breaking. When All City decided they’d warranty my broken nature boy I tried getting one of these but there was zero stock in Australia unfortunately.

Oh and nice build, solid list of parts.

Looks great, but it still has those sketchy rear fork ends that seem to be developing a reputation for failing.

I’m XL and give it a pretty hard time. No sign of give yet!

This was the last 58cm in the country when I went hunting for one in 2011. This is how I’ve always wanted it to look, took my time getting here.



Cheers jaseyjase!

Bad ass drive train, tick.

How many drop-outs have broken here? 2? I don’t think that’s a reason to tarnish an entire brand.

Mine goes up/down about 8 kerbs every commute, down small stair sets and gets bunny hopped in an unnecessary frequency, and no breakage here (touch wood.)

Yeah, I’ve got the All-City Dropout (the model, not just dropouts) but I commute on it every day and tend to hop up/over as many things as I can. It’s fine. I’m a string bean but I’m 6’4. I’ve been watching to see if problems develop over time for other All-City bikes. Haven’t seen enough breakage to concern me yet.

Fixie interwebs propaganda as per usual. Poppycock, essentially.

Thanks mate! Looking forward to these caps!

Hi there, I’m Mr Poppycock. When they break give me a yell, I’ll let you know where I got mine fixed.

I was more disappointed from the absolute lack of acknowledgement from anyone associated with All-City… In saying that, I’m a bit of an All-City tragic. I’d still buy another, just not one with those dropouts.

On a positive note, you’ve got a nice tidy looking build there. Much neater without brakes!

Have you only ever seen them with brakes?

Thanks for the kind words MrSh33n!

Yeah, I run them on a white Big Block as my commuter, I posted it up on here a year or so ago.

One of my dropouts broke earlier this year so I had them replaced.

Where did you buy yours from?

Do you know what year frame you had?

I’ve found All-City to be pretty helpful. The fact you can contact them directly and actually get an answer, especially from an overseas company speaks volumes. Any issues lately are probably due to the lack of a proper distributor here in Australia.

I sourced mine through Dirt Works. As previously mentioned, it was the last of it’s kind in a 58cm in Australia. They changed the colour schemes after this.

I’d be keen to see your commuter!

Thanks again.

These pedals are now for sale. Link below :slight_smile:

MKS Track Pedal Setup


looks good

Thanks bro :wink:

moar poppycock

AC Nature Boy, Sydney, today:

Oh shit! Nobody hurt?