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Tonight on St Georges rd up near Glitch cinema a white something 4 door Rego#. PTS-924 collected a guy in front of me (could swear she was on her phone as it happened) She got so close to him the car mirror caught his backpack strap pulled him off his bike and dragged him for a few meters along the road before the mirror broke off, he hit the ground on his back. The driver realised but sped off without stopping. He was ok but in heaps of shock.

If you live out this way and you see this car kick its fuckin panels in please.

Are the cops involved yet? Did you give a statement? Don’t leave us hanging (like that poor bugger on the mirror)

This happens to me at least once a week and it happened today:

If I am turning right, I will always stay on the absolute left that I can, so I finish up in the bike lane and cars can overtake me by staying on the right.

However sometimes you get the occasional hero, who tries to turn right from the wrong lane, and tries to overtake me from the left. Quick hint: This will never work! Even if they get around me on the left, by the time they try to get back into the car lane I will be parallel with them blocking their way.

Today a guy tries to fly around the left of me as Im turning, he cuts across the parking spaces that were empty, I finish up in my bike lane as always…now he can’t get back into the car lane unless he waits for me to pass :stuck_out_tongue:

The guy begins beeping me and flailing his arms, on this occasion I just keep riding at a slow pace with my middle finger up right in his face. I wish I could have thought of an almost funny line like ‘Do not overtake turning vehicle’ but meh. Anyway the guy was pretty inconvinenced and angry, eventually he gave up and waited for me to go past, then he overtakes revving the shit out of his car.

This happens fairly reguarly, its not worrying to me as I don’t think anyones going to try and fight or run me down, it just shows that motorists need to respect cyclists as vehicles in these instances, and if you want to cheat to get around me I won’t let you off!

… until you get someone like I did.

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I’ve only ever been hit by a car once in my life though.

I was riding up Collins St I think it was, in the bike lane, and this person is driving to my right, about two metres ahead, when all of a sudden he decides to quickly pull a left into an alleyway, without indicating, basically pulling straight into me. I tried to dodge him as best as I could, ended up scrapping along his car, getting my pedal caught in his wheel and flew into the gutter. Some couriers were at a cafe nearby and they picked me and my bike up and checked to see if I was okay, I think some of them might post here, so thanks guys.

I was kind of in shock about what happened and was late to meet my girlfriend, so I quickly told the guy I was fine, straightened up my stem, and off I rode.

… and wasn’t there a case in Sydernee last year, where some psycho swerved out of a servo in front of a pack of riders, who yelled abuse at them, so he ran them off the road, and the prong of a magistrate let the driver off because of the abuse, as if they asked for it? I guess the motto is wave politely and smile? Mmm, or recalibrate that magistrate.

a few years ago in brisvegas i was riding into the city along lutwyche rd on my mtb, chasing this roadie, just to see if i could keep with him. as we got near the valley past the hospital, i hear a car revving behind me, turn to look and its a shitty vb commodore swerving in at me, deliberate like. i jump onto the footpath, and the car continues on to the roadie guy and did the same thing, revving and swerving, the 2 dickheads in the car are laughing etc. Next set of lights, the roadie rides to the right of the car, rides past and socks the guy fair in the head and takes off thru the red light. i keep going, kind of shaken, but had to get to work. get around the next corner and theres the bike under the front of the vb commodore, front wheel all buckled and bike pretty well fucked. the rider was sitting on the footpath bleeding from both legs.
and the two guys in the car were getting chucked in a paddy wagon.
as theyd come around the next corner, the guy in the passenger seat had grabbed the cyclist and pulled him toward the car, the front wheel went under the car and he’d come off the bike.
the paddy wagon had been going past at the same time and stopped right away. i stopped and gave a statement as did about 3 other people. the deputy commissioner of police was also driving past at the time and phoned in a statement as well.
the guys lawyer opted to take it to court. i had to testify, which was a horrible experience. last i heard the driver was being hit with assault, driving with intent etc, and got convicted.

if d00dz in cars are being dickheads, i just keep out of their way now. whatever satisfaction you get from retaliation just isnt worth the trouble that could come of it.

i hear that one of the guys that works in the same department as me hit a cyclist with his car today. dont know the details, but the cyclist seems alright.

Up in the sticks the cowboy love to scare the shit out of cyclists by driving their big bundy sticker clad utes within nano metres of us.

I learnt my lesson about riding alone and being a smart arse. Riding up the steep side of Mt Alexander near Bendigo I heard an all mighty roar and all of a sudden there was a ute full of cowboys a few feet from my arse, they couldn’t go around and In my youthfullness decided to slow down and show them why wearing knicks without braces can have an advantage, by getting out of the saddle and riding up the mt with my bare arse in there faces. So when they overtook me and pushed me over I probably did deserve it., and got road rash on my arse. I did see the ute out on the town that night and being the non vengfull person I am decided to cut his truck mud guards off.

yeah, this is cop worthy

I was riding back from bendigo on sunday and copped some abuse from some clowns in a ute. Rocked into a cafe and a member of our group rocked up a few minutes later. the muppets had thrown a bottle at him as they went past. shortly a woman rocked up and said that she’d been driving behind them when it happened and had taken down their rego and reported it to the cops. the cops rocked up shortly and took a statement. this isn’t uncommon out on country roads and unfortunately the last thing you do when you get something thrown at you is take note of the number plate. at least these clowns might realise that they’re not always going to get away with it.

it just makes me fucking mad. I don’t know if people genuinely have a problem with cyclists for whatever reason or just think that grown men in lycra are a bunch of poofs and we might give them AIDS just by being on the same stretch of bitumen as them.

also had another clown shoot past within a metre of me on a dead straight two lane road in the middle of nowhere with no other traffic around. he fired up the horn just as he was coming past. dunno if he was trying to scare me or what. I seem to have gotten used to surprise horns at close range, probably out of self-preservation.

I’ve known for a while that “abuse starts in the mind of the victim”
If someone acts threatens you, drives you off the road etc etc. could you claim that the reason you set his car on fire when you arrived into town was because you felt threatened or he was inviting you to fight?

It is always better to damage the car, that is just vandalism not assault!

I like to ask the ute cowboys where they parked their horse. Or tell them Bundy tastes like piss. Half the time these Ute cvnts are the same clowns on tearing down the single trail on Trail Bikes… I really hate them