All Your Vegan Sausages Are Belong To Us

The Bike Buh Cue — DIY How-to from Make: Projects

someone with more time/means/tools than I, should really step up to the plate and make one of these.

If I built this, it would probably be a cocktail bar instead.

I have an xtracycle…

I have a welder

And MLK had a dream…but it didnt really turn out how he planned.


totally, but had me lollin’ all the same :smiley:

so blakeys xtracycle, dylans welder, my rugged good looks… all we need now is a barbecue right?

Hmm, the 3rd most crucial ingredient.

ok if we don’t have a bbq we could hook up a generator and use a breville instead…

toasties anyone?

I saw a thing of beauty at Coffee Supreme today… Dirty Deeds 2011 is going to be amazing.

I reckon I could rig up a mini gas bbq easy peasy.

there are some gas bottles sitting in the alley behind my house, one of them is totally small enough for this. should i grab it?

Only if they’re in date. And only if they’re 1 or 2 kg camping size bottles.

Ellepea, to check if it is in date, wind open the tap, and then hold a bare flame next to it. The ‘use by’ date will appear once you have done this.

A couple years ago I was at a party where a 5 or 10kg gas bottle was thrown on the bonfire.
Lets just say lucky it was in the countryside.

Absolutely mental. I’d be scared.


^ yeah it was idiotic. All these country bogans throwing shit on the fire, trying to out do each other. After the gas bottle I knew it was time to leave, as the hilux looked like it was next.

yeah i’ll check the dates, I’ve got a feeling they wouldn’t be much bigger than 2kg.

i’m so glad I have you to guide me