Alleged Cecil Walker Track - Perth

custom built cecil walker bike | eBay

Price is a bit steep, but then checking the photos the sellers numberplate explains alot…

Yeh, why’s it so expensive?

unfortunate number plates

Custom built Italian steel frame (980grams) by Cecil Walker

^ I’m calling BS on this. 1700g is a reasonable weight for modern steel, 1450g is considered light. 980g? Not impossible with steel but highly unlikely.

haha number plate!

Even Rob English, who is pushing steel further than anyone else, is only at 1206g for his 4906g bike. And that’s with a carbon headtube and seattube/mast.

So impossible then, thanks Blakey.

Reckon Mr 1DIK has thrown a baited hook in the drink with this one.

custom built italian frame by cecil walker…
as in italian tubeset assembled in melbourne or Kevin built it while holidayingin italy…?