Allegro Track

This was my first fixed gear bike. T-boned a car about 18 months ago on it, his fault so got insurance = new bike. Because they wanted me to leave all items relevant to the claim at their office, i thought it best to lock everything to the frame, backpack with damaged clothing inside, helmet, destroyed wheel. When i asked for access to the items to retrieve the lock and some items that were not original and not being covered by the claim, insurance got all petty and sliced frame, handlebars and fork. i took it all back anyways, in the hopes of salvaging whatever i could, and then it just sat around for ages. now that i moved and my new neighbour runs a metalshop, i got him to run a weld down the cut in the frame. he seems to think it’ll sound, but we’ll see, if it dies, i just hope i don’t.

frame: Allegro Track
fork/headset: Trigon full carbon straight blade/fsa
stem/bars: kalloy/cinelli bullhorns
post/seat: kalloy/velo
crank/ring/bb: miche primato 135 w/miche 46T/miche
pedals/straps: odyssey twisted/BOGear Strapons
wheels: phils/b43s

sanded back to raw aluminium, still got a few grades to go, plans to paint but needed a new commuter, and have a mate visiting this weekend so it’s also ready for him to ride. going to switch out the phils for velocity’s soon cos they’re going to something more worthy…

original condition


sanding back


WOW… I would not be balsy enough to ride that… after… it being cut in half…

not in half, it was only about an inch cut, in the 4th pic, just above the shadow line on the tube to the top of the tube… i don’t think i’d ride it if it’d been cut right through either

Yep I actually have to agree, I love riding alu frames but once damaged I wouldn’t trust it. Anyone ever repaired an alu frame and lived to tell the tale?

sell it, don’t mention crack, ???, profit.

i don’t like the sound of that possible karma. or should i say , carma…

Nice, it should be fine just keep an eye on it.
just clear it.

Nice job, personally I wouldn’t be worrying about the repaired crack but if other people think it’s unsafe then it’s probably unsafe. It looks alot better then the original.

Aluminum needs to be heat treated after welding to remove the residual stresses in the welded area.
If it is not heat treated, it will break, probably without warning.

I would cut that weld and either recycle the frame or turn it into art. There are too many potential issues here for you to risk your teeth over.

Unless your neighbour is Gripsport or Frank the Welder of course :wink:

^ +1

I would give it to me to play polo on for a couple of weeks, if it holds up, its good to go :slight_smile:
it is a shame to see it go to waiste, i like it

Yeah make a polo bike

ok now its serious, frame builders are weighing in, wasn’t aware of this, i assumed when i asked my neighbour if it would be alright and he said yes, that was the end of it, so might be back to the drawing board, new frame, visp triple triangle dragon ball hotness maybe

polo is way rougher than a 10km commute, would kill it if it was ever going to, already enough carnage on the polo courts

I would rather see it on the polo courts then streets. Remembering the polo courts are contained and somewhat controlled conditions!

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this please.

aaron if that was all caps locked then i might think about it, mere repetition won’t sway me yet

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