Alleycat - "Pursuit of Helios" - Adelaide

Heres the direct link for better res:

Who’s racing tonight?

Jamie, you got enough people to do checkpoints?

Yep, checkpoints are a go.

Mandy couldve just sat at the … pub, it would have been easy.

Be there at 6pm, we race at 6.30 SHARP!

She made “girl” plans with “girlfriends”. :roll:

Awesome race, awesome prizes, awesome dudes racing, awesome Wheatsheaf cycling caps!

I believe the results were…

Group A:
1st Rick
2nd Adam
3rd Dan
4th Moustache Dan

Group B:
1st Brayden
2nd Kev?
3rd …?

I was envious of everyone who raced, of those who got swish prizes and even of those stoopid little hats that everyone got…

damn being too slow to even make it to the start of the race.

Well done Chip old boy, indubidably.

Hats off to you Jamie, looks/ sounds like a wicked nite.

First of many, lets hope.

Springbank 97, dram on.

Great night Jamie, I tip my (“Thebarton”) hat to you.

a few more

Yeah, Chanks everyone. The race was brilliant, well done to all finishers. Special hats off to Rick Aola, one freakishly fast dude, look forward to when I get to race you.

Chanks to all volunteers - The Lovely Sarah, lil sister Carla, me pops Trev, Rob, Johnny DelFab and Furious D.

Big Chanks to all sponsors - Kym at North Adelaide Cycles, JoJo at Crumpler, Dave Bell at Brisbane Outdoor Gear, Andy at Right Hand Dist’ and of course everyone from the the home of Adelaide fixed - The Wheatsheaf Hotel - Emily, Jade and of course Chris. Everyone who rides a track bike in the city should give these champs their business, stay local and sustainable.

One more huge Chanks to Brett Davis at Encyclopediops Records, his work on the flyer, spoke cards and especially the hats made the race what it was, couldn’t have done it without you buddy.

Hopefully plenty more races this summer, get yer bikes and yer balls and RACE!!!


You can’t complain about a new San Marco Rolls saddle, a Randonneur and B.O.G. hip pack!

Well done mate wish i was there :cry: