Alloy or Steel for track racing/training

If you are, or are going to, ride/race track, what frame material would you prefer out of steel or Alloy?

And Why?

(and any cunt that mentions ‘steel is real’ is going get some prison style man love at the Grand Final Alleycat, 28th Sept.)

steel is real

no preference tho - i’m a lightweight rookie, both work fine as far as I can tell.

Doesn’t matter as long as it’s stiff and light which these days means alloy since I can’t afford custom steel.


Steel, because lugs or fillet brazing looks nicer than welds.

And because my Ken is the best track bike ever in the history of track bikes. It’s so unbelievably good that I don’t ride it ever.

So as far as Alloy goes, racing it for track is fine and would be stiffer than steel. I personally hate Alloy with a passion, but a Avanti pista thingy has come up and I am weighing up its’ merits. Oh and there are those ‘fetish’ branded taiwan frames for cheap.

Nath, I knew you’d be up for ‘prison style man love’…

If it’s a good price then get it. If you want it for DISC then it will be fine - no bumps to ride over (except the occasional fallen rider) so stiff is good. And I know you like maximum stiffness anyway.

It’s always about the looks with you isn’t it?

I know someone who’ll ride it for you.

Thanks gentlemen…

BTW Nick, what’s going on with the Tommasini?

A cranky guy with lots of tattoos bought it.

Good for you

Bummer for me, oh well…

Steel is real.

Bring it.

Steal is real if only for the decreased efforts it takes to produce :evil:
Alloy’s great for DH frames that would only last a few years anyway, but I prefer the feel of steal.

Of the two bikes I’ve ridden, one steel, one alloy, I like my alloy one more.

The alloy one is just stiffer and more responsive. When I get out of the saddle and start sprinting the steel frame felt like it was a half pedal stroke behind what I was doing at the front (ie it flexed like crazy). Where as with the alloy it’s all going at the same time, it just feels quicker.

just my 2c



Steel, well older frames, felx too much. yeah, they look cool…maybe, but why limit yourself in a race to look cool, when winning is cooler.

A really stiff track alloy frame is the way to go.

what sort of track are you racing?

on a smooth track, short to middle distance, alloy every time.
stiffer, more responsive, and won’t give you as much lateral flex.

on a rougher track, and for longer distances, you might be better off with steel.
steel will be more compliant for longer distances, and won’t suffer from as much skip on rougher tracks.

it will depend on where you race.

and as for steel is real, it’s no more real than alloy, or less. get what you need, not what you want.

But if you have no chance of winning then you can at least look cool.

If you have no chance of winning…change the grade you are racing in

Or stop belittling yourself and join in! You only have no chance of winning as long as you are not racing :slight_smile:

Just ask that good old aussie - Bradbury