Alpine Classic

Entries are open.

Who’s in and what distance?

I’m doing my usual 200k SS, going a slightly higher gear just to make it tougher/funner

I am tempted to try the 200km on my sscx…

Do it!

what gear are you running?

44 x 18

So is the 250km much much harder than the 200km? Not having done either, am I nuts to consider the 250km for my first time? As a loop it just seems more pleasing to me, conceptually and aesthetically.

I’ve ridden Hotham, Falls and Buffalo before, but only as single outings. And I haven’t been on the Omeo road. Oh, and I’ve generally limited my high summer riding up there to early mornings and never after midday, so I imagine a full day in the heat makes it shithouse right?

EDIT: looks like I might not qualify for the 250km in any case, not having done it, or something similar, previously. Probs for the best!

Thats insane. I was considering doing it ss but no way could i push those numbers over that distance, take my hat off to you then?

I think my bro and I will be doing it again next year but we’ll be on geared roadies.

Great, the 200k distance?

Correct! I’m pretty unfit so I imagine I’ll be doing my usual hills build up over the next few months. Benzy has also expressed interest in the 200. Perhaps we should Organise some post ride FOA beers in Bright?

I’ll be in the pub from 6pm till I need a sleep.
You’ll find me at the long tables near the loo’s, just ask for SS Steve

Did anyone else ride the one off modified classic?

Who’s in for the 2014?

If you hate the arvo heat of Buffalo on the 200k there’s a new 200k ride. Starts at 4am and does Buffalo first up.

Accom booked but not entered yet, conventional 200 for 4th time (ignoring last years debacle), training started yesterday. I can do the distance, now just need to get some climbing form back.

What sort of topography we talking on the new 200KM. Cant find a map any where.

  • found it. What gearing you thinking for ss.

*found it.

Try reading the whole thread Kennytyson,
You are on fire today

I know. I know. I feel like a hot chip around seagulls.

I’m starting training this week.
Standard 200k for me also, yell out if you see me

good luck this Sunday people, ride safe