also off-topic: skiing

Hey are any of youse interested in doing the Hoppet this year?

And/Or… anyone interested in trying some biathlon action on the snow?


I’m cold and miserable enough here at home.

In the words of Billy Connolly…“I’d rather pull my own arse up over my head” :-o

I’ll do the shooting bit of the biathlon as long she can come

This is getting off-the-off-topic but have you ever seen the movie “Sexy Girls with Sexy Guns”?? 85 minutes of anatomically-correct bikini babes firing large-calibre automatic weapons (in slow motion).

Is it art? is it porn? is it sport? do I care?

Sexy Girls with Sexy Guns, there’s a series of them. If I had my way there would be Oscars for all the stars. All we need now is “Sexy Girls with Sexy Guns and riding Sexy fixed geared bicycles” (losses a bit in the title, but you get the drift)

Now back to snow thingies before Nath gets cross.

And before those working for companies with draconian internet policies get fired…