Aluminium rollers

Quick question…

I just purchased a set of rollers, you know the ones that have the three rollers and a big o’ring that turns the front wheel…

Will I stuff my tyres on the rollers and should I consider a set of “roller” tyres if there is such a thing?

Looking forward to some advice


No you won’t stuff your tyres, but you will wear them down quicker. Not an issue for me since I don’t spend that much time on the rollers nor do I use expensive tyres.

Not sure if there is such a thing as roller tyres but I’d imagine that any cheap tyre that can handle decent pressure should do the trick.


smoothest tyres you can find.
the less tread the better. will help prevent vibration thru the rollers.

conti. they’re orange and plasticky.

Or you could use them like this muppet:

I’ve been on rollers for a few years now. Never noticed the dif between wear and tear from roller training and road stuff.

But def like the idea of using smooth tyres. Stay clear of anything with a tread, it won’t be a big deal but it is noticable with a slick tyre.

Long Live the Roller!!

Has anyone tried or have a set of either of these rollers? (I think they could be the same thing sold by different people)

They look like the ones everyone’s getting now. Same as I have - great rollers. Also used by Des, Lats, Tristan, and many more. No complaints so far except that the front wheel nuts tend to undo (easy fix with some locktite) and the plastic hinges have some little tabs that break easily - nothing crucial.

What do the tabs that break do when they’re not broken?


Get in the way, then break. Heh… Um… they appear to be some kind of ‘click’ for the hinge. The nubbin at the bottom slots into the clip when you unfold the rollers. But there already seemes to be enough stuff going on at the hinge to work it out. Left image below is an unbroken one, right is the broken one. They just poke out and get caught on stuff carrying them to and from ‘place’:

Otherwise, great rollers. Highly recommended.

The conti training tyres are available on probikekit.

cheers for the pic Nath, I see what you mean about them not doing much. It’s not as though they’re going to magically fold up if you’re riding on them.