am i a bad person (super commuter related)

getting on the tram today to go to work on brunswick street, myself and a fair few others came close to getting mown down by some douche super commuter…

rather than the usual abrupt skid when they realise they are about to run people over when passing a stopped tram, this cocksmoker not only kept going and was weaving in and out of people at speed but actually sped up as he was heading towards the front of the tram where myself and others where boarding.

as he got close to me, i screamed at him to look the fuck out and suggested that he was indeed a dense part of the female anatomy, swung at his face with the rolled up street press i was carrying (very nanna of me!) and i believe lashed out with a kick too…missed on both accounts but. i’m sure the insult stung him no end though.

now i have done my share of red light jumps etc when riding but never anything this selfish, dangerous or retarded.

what i wanted to know, is by acting like i did and attempting to send this prick flying from his manky commuter have i sinned against a fellow cyclist or would i have cleansed our biking gene pool a little and taken out a rouge who darkens our name with such stupid antics?

what would you do/have done?

I would’ve given him a coathanger. What an arse.

Hmmm the whole im a cyclist thing. I have done and still do stupid shit when riding, im no model citizen, but I still wouyld have called him a cunt. wouldnt have struck at him though with the paper, too violent, unless he was wearing a vest,

definitely would of called him a cunt, loudly


I used to do the “I’m a cyclist” thing (note - it loses whatever little impact it might have if you’re not actually on a bike at the time) and say things like “thanks for making it harder for the rest of us” or “is it any wonder they all want to kill us when you do dumb shit like that”…etc etc

now I just leave it to Kharma, the cops, or the traffic.

one or the other will get him/her eventually.


Language police reporting in: next time you encounter a similar rouge :oops:
a bop in the face with a rolled up newspaper will do
it’s more ninja than a full-blown tirade.
actions speak louder than words
and a cunt is a useful thing anyway.

This +1. Just cause you’re a cyclist too gives you no right to berate people about how they ride.

Did he hit anyone? And if so, did they look before they stepped on or off? People rely too heavily on the ‘rules’ to keep them safe, and need to start taking some responsibility for their own motherlickin actions!

Also; where do you draw the line? Someone could spend all day going around the streets of Melbourne swearing at people because they dont like what other people are doing. Maybe you could become a police officer?

Also; he should have just overtaken the tram on the outside, but you should have been riding too, then you could have raced him :smiley:

They do… they sit in the mall with a shopping cart full of clothes, drinking out of a bottle in a brown paper bag. Once they were cyclists…

i couldn’t particularly give a shit about the way people ride 99% time but this guy was fucked.

the tram was stopped, people started walking out and he just kept going.

dude had to doge a few people at the rear of the tram who also had to step back from him and then instead of stopping, stood up to pedal increased speed and just kept going. the guy was a fuckwit pure and simple.

it was amusing to watching him blast up thinking “surely he’ll stop now” but nope…

this wasn’t about being pissed people flaunted “rules”, it was fucking stupidly dangerous and if someone tries to thread the needle at speed through a bunch of peds boarding a tram then they are a fucking idiot, plain and simple.

the riding was vastly different to the many clueless super commuters we’ve all seen coast past a tram - it was much more of a “fuck these guys” put your head down and pedal mentality. a deliberate action rather than clueless amble so to speak…

true that people DO need to take responsibility for their own actions but not in this case…if/when a car screech(s)/ed into a bike lane and flung open a door suddenly into the path of a rider (rough equivalent) you know not one of us would be chewing the hapless rider who got car doored out for “relying on the rules” to keep them safe in a bike lane. nope, most of us would have the torches and pitchforks out baying for automobile blood.

the dude was badly in the wrong deserves no slack…

and yeah, i should be riding but a busted drive side crank that won’t be replaced until Friday has kept me on the trams…


Was he wearing a vest?

nope just the standard lightweight waterproof jacket.

probably would have chased him down the road and torn the vest off with my teeth if he was wearing one and then paraded around with it howling like a wolf…:slight_smile:


Damm cranks. Always let us down :smiley:

I guess I just think its funny how people get immunity from common sense just from being in a bike lane, or at a tram stop. And I’m gonna stop right there, we could go at it for weeks…

dunno dude.

just a jacket, a shiny swishy jacket.

Squeaky chain? Zip tie helmet? Jersey worth more than his bike?

You sure the guy wasn’t wearing a MASH vest? Might explain why he couldn’t stop :stuck_out_tongue:

You only have ONE bike? :-o

This, my feisty young friend, is a bigger problem…

NExt hard waste, you had better get busy :smiley:

I hate kittens

(too gamey)