Am I going to die on this thing?

Hey all, looking for a second bike to serve as a something that can take a few bunny hops and (attempted) bar spins and as something I wont be too worried about leaving locked up all day outside when I’m at work. As Im looking to not really give too much of a fuss about the well being of this bike I’ve been looking at the lower end of the range and it seems the pH “Messenger” complete seems like its the lowest of this range so I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this bike for the purposes I want it for.


Link to pH: pH06 | Bikes | Potential of Hydrogen

Not really expecting overly positive responses to that bike but thought I’d ask anyway. Also very open to any other suggestions at all, seems to be hard to find much low end fgfs information that isn’t from 2010 on here. Even more open to someone on here wanting to sell me something for up to $600.


Aren’t these free with any pair of jeans over $50 RRP purchased at Industrie?

If the welds are as undercut as the other shitty cheap bikes I have seen out there, then yes, yes you will die if you ‘trick’ on one of these

lol nah that were those industrie branded shitters…

okay thanks for the quick response! Will keep looking for something second hand I guess, preferably something thats not going to explode at the joints.



Dude buy this n finish it for under $600 easy and enjoy the use of your front teeth for years to come.
PK Ripper Fixed Gear Frame 46cm PLUS EXTRAS (fixie, track) | eBay

Seen those PK Ripper snap at the head tube / down tube joint.

Wow no shit. Even with all that extra bracing hey. Sorry Big Tuna, ignore me.

Yeah my mate tried to fgfs one snapped the fork and replaced it then snapped the frame.

keep an eye on gumtree, there was a volume thrasher and p fix up there for 500ish each for a while but they’re gone now.

Colossi do a pretty tough frame, and do does leader.

Had to see for myself and…

Creaky’s courier rig?

hahaha thats exactly what his did.
Look im sure there great bikes for comuting/cruising but no fgfs beater rig.

Haha yeah I’d rather that kind of thing didnt happen. Loving the thrasher and p.fix, will keep an eye out. Thanks for the all the input and disaster shots guys

Found a NS Analog 2011 that a dude in Byron Bay is willing to send down to me in Sydney. Seen them around the net a fair bit but just to be sure, anyone have any horror stories about this bike that I should be aware of?

why would u do freestyle hucking on an alloy frame