Ambrosio Wheels

Description is a bit lacking but nice still looking rims.

Anyone know anything about these wheels?


i know i dont like the radian non drive spoking on the rear but apart from that, ambrosio rims are sick and i am glad i own some! nice looking wheelset.

Hmmmm… Glue on new used clinchers?

New Clinchers

Good used condition

Tyres need replacing glue on type

looks like you can see the base tape on the tyres but its not really all that clear…

Yeah pretty sure they are tubulars, he’s just mucked up.


either way they look pretty damn nice


My Cosmics are shallower rims than these and less spokes (16/20), radial non-drive side rear and radial front. I’ve got them on a cross bike with 40mm knobbies. I ride them a fair bit on the dirt and don’t pay much attention at all to being ‘kind’ to them. Haven’t had a single problem as far as reliability goes and these ones are about 7 years old.

I’ve never seen so much as a broken a spoke so wheel reliability for me has never been a problem.

+1. my shamals are laced like this. and they fucking rule.

personally i just wouldnt feel too comfortable not knowing the history of a wheel, or who built them

its not something i want to have in the back of my mind as im about to get out of the saddle and dive down the banking full tilt

all that aside these are not track wheels and will just get dismantled for the rims so its really a non issue

factory built radial NDS - no problem, ive owned that sort of wheel before with zero dramas