So im off to America in a few weeks.
Flying into LA to spend sometime then over to NYC for xmas and new years before I fly back to LA to settle for a few months. I will be doing a bunch of road trips seeing the usual shit. But I am taking my bike and plan to ride as much as I can!

Recommend me places to visit/ bike shops/ cool riding spots/ etc…

We’ve all seen 234235 different cool places via bike blogs but I wanna see what you’ve got!

If in America, I would buy a shit old muscle car and a bunch of guns, drive into the desert, shoot a bunch of things and drink a bunch of shit beer,

Thats why we should all travel with Dylan.
Drive from San Diego to San Fran its.
I like Dana Point/Newport, Santa Barbra, and San Fran.
Also Hit Disney Land it sounds corney but its killer.
Eat sears candy, Drink Barqs Root beer, Eat in and out’s double double.
In New York Eat Joes Pizza,
May be hit a Red Bus tour it is real touristy but gives you your bearings around the place.
Go up the empire state building.
Are you travelling alone, Girls love Woodbury common Outlets.
Also its Getting real cold to get cheap warm gear try Century 21 opp ground Zero.
Theres too much to list here to do.

Sorry bout the long reply…

When in LA:
if you visit Santa Monica beach, stop by the senior citizens center, a building by the main road of the beach, go to the reception and ask for the key to the Camera Obscura room upstairs. And enjoy.

If you go to LA Bikes, let me know if you were greeted, cause i was there for 30mins and none of those elitist fuckerz even looked up, shame cause i had big dorrahs to drop.

As Dayne mentioned, OUTLETS. i got vans for $20 at one particular outlet in Vegas.

In New York:

BUY THISOfficial New York CityPASS

It’s worth every dollar, and you won’t have to que for things such as the Empire State(trust me its a long asssssssssssssssssss line, you’ll lol as you cruise ahead thanks to this pass!) and if you’re unsure about if you can fly ahead of the line ask some attendant where you are, cause 99% you get to go straight ahead with this pass!!!

The Guggenheim was mehhh…i admired the architecture! And the MoMA is rad, i hated the Warhol shit/crowd it gathered 'cause its a warhol… and the Abstract Expressionism section had me lol’ing at people staring at a canvas painted black…seriously, theres a canvas in there thats just painted black.

Stay in the East Village! I used for all my accom. Have a good look on there. I ended up staying in a 2 bdr appartment on St Mark’s, and it belonged to an aussie guy who was coming home for xmas/new years.

Many small bike shops and other rad shops( DQM, Flight Club, Toy Tokyo…). easy walk to SoHo, which has shops like KidRobot, Flight Club and Supreme, and Manhattan Portage!

Also if you wanna have a drink in the east village, check out Big Bar. I had many many drinks there talking to the owner most of my time in NY, the most legit new yorker you’ll ever meet. And Klimat is another bar on the same street.
Also if you wanna go to a bar like nothing you’ll ever see again, go to Blind Barber.

Use the Subway’s as much as you can, and walk a lot, theres a lot of hidden shops! Head up to Harlem and eat at Sylvia’s, total tourist thing to do but its legit soul-food. And if you like sneakers (i’m a big sneaker head) check out Atmos whilst in harlem.

If you go to Little Italy, look for the “Mob Scene” which is pretty much a small mob museum. Set up by Vinnie Vella (the sopranos/casino…), my friend in NY helped him to set it up, and if you’re lucky you’ll see him hanging out in there.

Man i could go on and on forever as i’ve travelled back to Cali/NY two years in a row now for xmas and new years, the last time i hired a car and drove around Cali for 3 weeks (death valley, vegas, Yosemite national park, san fran, San Luis Obispo, san diego etc…) and i’m moving to New York next year since i think it’s the illest. And New York in winter is the best, even if i was stuck in the worst blizzard in a decade there.

sorry bout the long assss post, BUT have a good time mate!

NYC good stuff for bikes:

King Cog
Chari & Co.
Bikeworks (proper store with loads of second hand bits)

In NYC go to Brooklyn Brewery and The Blind Tiger if you like a good beer.

Can endorse Brooklyn Lager for sure.

Also, grow a moustache before you go.

There is a cool toy shop in New York. It has three stories and the elevator’s exterior looks like a robot. It was pretty much the coolest place on Earth.

I’m planning a trip for this time next year… I have never been before, but this bar is on my hit list:


i know its a lame chain restaurant, but this joint is the kitties titties: Red Lobster Seafood Restaurants

  1. Purchase snow crab legs
  2. Consume unlimited soft drink refills.

if you’re not vegan/vego eat some in and out buger when you’re on the east coast - only an arsehole wouldn’t.

also, if you like coffee expect to buy plenty of shitty coffee before you find somewhere that’s decent.

also, get lost on NYC subway. i spent about 3 hours on that bastard trying to get somewhere that would’ve taken me 50 minutes to walk.

and i think they have a humongus floor piano. if, say, you were a ten year old boy transported into the body of a thirty year old man you could perhaps play a really catchy tune on it with some other old guy who came in from somewhere and perhaps owns the store. then you could get a job testing toys and have a trampoline in your house. it would be cool.

This makes me want to jump into a DeLorean and have a crack.

Whoa you have a delorian?

anyone can get a delorean dylan. it’s the 1.21 gigawatts that are hard to come by.

Mains power? Don’t they pump a gigawatt out of your electrical socket?

mine did, but then i put a powerband on it to correct the frequency.

I had a powerband once and it bucked like a mule… I was a little weak (fat kid holding two icecreams) though.

Also go to Brooklyn Bowl. Go on the website and you might catch a rad band/DJ on the same night.