America's Cup yacht racing - introducing pedal power

The new AC50 doesn’t have any winches or sheets, and all controls are hydraulic - with the effort of all four peddlers being directed towards pressurising the hydraulic reservoirs.

Discussion: (“clipless or not”)

Speedplay or bust IMHO

Straps ftw


makes me feel like less of a weirdo for describing the handling of a bike as ‘boatey’.

that’s old technology:

A+ Rod

*I’d love to have a crack on that (the first one, not the Sundolphin 3).

*although I imagine spinning your arse off when the yacht is up on the foils at 80km is shit the bed territory.

I’d be springing the extra cash for titanium over steel pedal spindles.

if they not using 1989 Time technology I’m gunna be pissed.

No wonder ATACs are always sold out, sailors are buying them all!


This has got me interested in the America’s cup. I agree with shitting the bed though… 80kph, up on he foils, with a possible nose dive and I guess pretty rapid deceleration, its a pretty full on thing theyre doing. And watching them hustle across from side to side, those guys are great.