Amusing.... or just plain stupid.

So, wednesday is ride to work day.

I ride to work every day so it really is just another day.

To make it different I’m considering the following:

  • Santa Cruz V10 DH rig (8" front and 10" rear suspension).
  • Full Body Armour and Full Face helmet.
  • 23mm slick tyres.

Personally, I think it’d be hilarious, but would the average punter get it? I’m guessing probably not, but does the hilarity make it worth it anyway?

especially if you use tram stops as the launch ramps they so resemble.
also worth it if you push and bump your way to the front of every queue at every light, elbows out.

which 26" rims are you using for 23mm tires???

I’m not sure my rims would actually take the 23mm tyres.

They’re Mavic DeeMax rims, the bright yellow ones. :sunglasses:

Another vote for yes! Two things though: You should mono your way through every intersection and pics or it didn’t happen :evil:
Makes me wish I still had my DH rig so I could come with just for fun.

Yes, you should ride the Santa Cruz. I mean, it’s that or look like everybody else isn’t it? Even The Age is getting into the fixie groove! (See under “National” headlines)

Full body armour on one of these?

those strida’s are pretty cool. really well designed, even if they are made from mostly plastic.

i reckon a tallbike, full face helmet, suit and tie, would be in the spirit of the event.

If I rocked up to work in a suit and tie everyone would assume I was going to a job interview.

I’ve tested, I don’t have any slicks that will fit the DH bike. :frowning:

Maybe I’ll ride my Kenevans with the body armour and ff helmet.

ask around and see if anyone has some xenith or detonator tyres they would lend you.
i’d do it just to see the pics if you were local.

Just realized my g/f’s bike is sporting a set of 1.75" slicks at the moment. That’ll do the trick I reckon.

Now to convince her to not ride to work tomorrow.


Just swap her the tyres off your downhill bike :smiley:

Hmmm… g/f weighs 48kgs, g/f’s bike weighs 9kgs.

I think she might notice an extra 2kgs per end of DH tyre.

Like the way you think though… :sunglasses:

I guess it would be wrong to try and trick her by telling her nothing on the bike has changed and to lay off the choclate and deep-fried mars bars? :smiley: