Amy Gillett Parra Pedal: Sun 13/2

This Sunday is the Parra Pedal, which is fundraising for the Amy Gillett foundation and raising awareness of the “A Meter Matters” thingy. I’m probably going along, and will do the 55km ride. If anyone’s interested in getting out into the west and seeing some new areas let me know.
It starts around 7.30am and costs $15.

The Parra Pedal for the Amy Gillett Foundation

I’m hoping it’ll be less shit than the spring cycle, and it’s all for a good cause.

Interested, but I’m out Saturday night so don’t hold your breath on getting a call from me saying I’m in Parra Park on Sunday morning

Yeh, I’m out on Sat night as well. Needless to say, I haven’t pre-registered and will assess Sunday morning on its merits.

We need a country music section on these forums !!!

Better still if anyone wants to do a country music karaoke night I’m there. Singing “coal miner’s daughter” in public is a long unfulfilled ambition of mine. That song just gets me every time. No disprespect to Loretta Lynn but I like Sissy Spacek singing it in the Movie about Loretta.

YouTube - Tribute to Coal Miners Daughter

Anyway, immense respect for Johhny Cash !!

YouTube - Johnny Cash Hurt

/// Sorry bro, won’t be able to make it to the Gillet ride, Let us know how you go - it sound like a very worthy thing to do :wink:

Picked up JC’s last record last week.

I’m well up for karaoke. My party piece is “Rhinestone Cowboy”, I’ve been known to bring grown men to tears.

Bring back the highwaymen…

YouTube - The Highwaymen - Highwayman

I can’t make it, it’s rebecca’s birthday. I would be keen for some Johnny Cash karaoke.

As I’m retarded, just imagine I embedded “The wanderer”.

This is kinda one of my all-time faves: Brewer & Shipley, “One Toke Over the Line”. Managed to find a couple B&S albums, they’re total corkers.


This is now the country music/johnny cash thread. Hank Williams Jnr is fucking psyched.

Fixed that for you :slight_smile:

Johnny did it better. Reznor is a hack.