Amy's Gran Fondo Fundraising (warning...shameless chugging ahead)

Well FoA colleagues, my leaner, fitter, younger (better looking, smarter, richer, more-widely-travelled, multi-lingual etc etc ) bro talked me into doing the Amy’s Gran Fondo with him. To this end I’ve been dragging my lardy arse up and down Mount Dandenong and around Mt Eliza on weekends for the last couple of months, as well as many bum-and-mind-numbing strength intervals on the trainer-of-death during the week so now I reckon I’m ready to mix it up with the kids, housewives and the other old and fat guys down the back of the field and keep myself a few bike lengths ahead of the sag wagon.

While I’ve been training I’ve sort of taken my eyes off the fundraising bit, I set myself a modest target and I’m only $100 away (at the time of writing) so I’m putting this out there to ask for your support. There’s still a couple of weeks to go and if you feel you’d like to support the cause with a modest donation (immodest ones most welcome too!) I’d welcome any contribution, big or small.

Link to my fundraising page is below (ignore the “suggested” donation if you like, I don’t know how to turn it off)


Amy’s Gran Fondo - Stuart Thomas | GoFundraise

Wow. This is kind of embarrassing. I thought the title said Fondue.

And now im resentful because i came in here looking for molten cheese and bread and all i good was a middle aged man asking me for money. and to be honest im sick of that happening.

Im leaving.

Well, I’m glad it was you, my old Nemesis.

I thought i was kind by saying ‘Middle aged’ right?

I like to think I’m still middle-aged, although since my last birthday I’m receiving a lot of unsolicited attention from “seniors” dating sites and vendors of something called ‘vigara’.