Amy's Gran Fondo

^ Oh man! I thought Cadel winning the TdF may have lifted the threshold.

…but my bike’s not pink.

Registrations for the 2012 event open tomorrow if anyone’s interested.


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Thread bump…my youngest bro wants me to do the 2012 AGF with him, I’m tempted. How’s the climbing? I’ve read the ride profiles & Skenes Ck rd doesn’t look like it pitches up more than 6%…any other pitches after that to be worried about?

If I can handle 3 repeats of the 1-in-20 in a session (can do on current fitness and I did Mt Buffalo in back November heavier and in generally in worse condition than I am in now) what are my odds of surviving the AGF? It’s 11 weeks away…

It’s not bad, just hope for good weather. 3 x up 1/20 is definitely a good benchmark. Lots of wheels to suck at the GF as well.

The Skenes Creek climb is fairly tame. I did the 1 in 20 for training, too, and there were no surprises on ‘race’ day.

After that there’s no serious climbs. A couple of little ones towards the end suck a bit, but only becasue by that stage I was buggered!

I trust you’ll be riding fixed, cap’n? :stuck_out_tongue:

^ …presuming the course is the same.

Cheers for that, those nice looking ride profiles don’t always tell it like it is. Looks like I’ll be coming back from a short trip to the US 4-5 days before but sounds do-able.

Nope, I’ll leave that for the young guns :wink:

If you’ve trained, like at all, it’ll be a piece of piss. I kinda hadn’t ridden for six weeks before last year and it only told in the last 10km; Skenes Creek had a couple of hairpinny bits that pitched up but nothing that gets close to Mt Pleasant Rd grades.