An assortment of bike-cycles.

My current stable.

The Downhill,

Frame: 09 Atomik w/ DHX3.0
Fork: 09 Races w/ WC lowers
Drivetrain: X9 gearing w/ SLX crankset, V-One pedals, LS-1 guide.
Wheels: MTX33’s on Hoodoo’s w/ DT Alpine3’s and Champ’s, and Suprise Rubber.
Cockpit: Lizard Logo lockons on Protaper DH 780mm on Funn Direct Mount.
Chair: FSA pain seat on Truvative DH post.
Stoppies: Code’s on 8" G3’s.

The 1x1 Trail/AM rig,

Frame: Rival, for the moment as if i like this i’m getting an On-One 456 SS
Fork: Manitou Minute MRD TPC 130mm
Drivetrain: SLX crankset, V8 pedals, 34:16
Wheels: Equalizer28’s on Quando’s (sealed), and Tabletops for the moment until i get some Nobb Nic’s or somethingorother.
Cockpit: Lizard Logo lockons on Hussefelt on FSA OS 90mm.
Chair: Fizik on BBB Skyscraper post.
Stoppies: BB7 7" front and BB5 6" rear (rear not pictured)

The Fixed,

Frame & Fork: KHS Flite100, Powdered Flame Red.
Drivetrain: Generic Black shit, Colony Plastics w/ BO StrapOns, 44:17 = 17 skid patches
Wheels: More generic black shit, on Kenda 23c black shit.
Cockpit: Oury on Hussefelt on FSA OS 80mm.
Chair: Selle on BBB Skyscraper post.
Stoppies: N/A


MTB parts have the best names…

Daniel your motorbike looks kinda motorless… that’s only gonna roll down hills.

thats why they need chairlifts to get them to the top. too hard to ride anything with an ascent :wink:

hey dude nice bikes. im interested what kind of fender is that on your fixed wheel? real nice how it fits through the seat stays was it designed for that or did you just get lucky? been looking at getting a zefal for this rainy weather but the ones ive seen look kinda shitty

Actually Daniel saw me do it and jammed it in his. It is so tightly in there, i have no idea how it is going to get out.

It looks like a Zefal Flamingo, and I think they’re no longer in production, but I could be wrong. More than anything, it’ll be the design of your frame that will determine whether it’ll allow enough room for a fender to fit through the seat stays. So multiple different styles of fender could fit, if your frame permits.

ok thanks man. i didnt realise it was actually jammed in there, never occured to me that theyre flexible. shame its discontinued they look much nicer than the ones on their site at the moment. and yeah my frame…not much room in there, probably just mount it in the usual fashion. if anyone has one of these feel free to pm me!

Nikcee, caught the train out to boronia yesterday and rode to Mt. Dandenong, as there’s DH there. It hurt. Really bad.

Yep it’s a Zefal, i believe its the flamingo, but i’m unsure. It’s not really ‘jammed’ in there, but it’s a tight fit between the seat stays. As they don’t fit any of the KHS sizes below mine, which included HMC’s when he had one.