An interesting article

Can Italian Component Maker Campagnolo Survive? | Bicycling Magazine

Kanye: buy this, so I can look at it. You’ll have to shave 200 grams from somewhere though… :frowning:

A really good read. It will be interesting to see Campys place in the scheme of things in another 10 years or so given its new competitors like SRAM and FSA.

there is nothing about method man in this artical

Yes well Campagnolo has an electronic group, SRAM does not…
Of course SRAM will be coming out with their own soon regardless of what they say.

I will take Campag seriously when they start releasing the tools for their new parts at the same time.

What’s the problem? You can install the Powertorque cranks, you just can’t remove them!

^ this

um…yeh…that’s a problem in my book.

what you don’t own a 10mm allenkey and a large spanner …?
as for the chain tool goes i use a $25 one and a c-spanner… same results

well played!

it is all part of the spiritual aura of campagnolo dont you know anything, they gave a groupset to the pope, he just summons the lord to remove his crankset therefore you shall do the same… amen

that’s true. Having your componentry built by a fat italian man who is sloshed on red wine, is much more desirable to having it built by a man in the FAR EAST who probably has no soul.

I dunno… it reinforced to me why I’d rather buy Campag than Shimano.
It’d be a sad day if they closed down.

*I’m pretty sure a renowned local mech told me you don’t need ‘the’ tool to remove PowerTorque cranks.

No, you’re right Nexus, but it’s more the attitude that it represents. If you need a particular tool to remove a part, you should release the tool at the same time. I think campag make great stuff, i just don’t think it’s any better than the other companies stuff. What i don’t like is their attitude that suggests that some kind of ‘soul’ makes their gear inherently better.

It was a good article though.

Maybe when I need a new frame… You’d want to get an internal cabled frame… There is no point in building a campag equipped bike and skimping on the aesthetics

It looks pretty nice though… Be interesting to see how it goes when the maginzines get there hands on it.
It will wind up is shoot out with Di2 pretty fast I reckon

Okay, but make it happen soon. I want to look at it.

Good read. I kinda like the idea of not having to throw shifters away when something inside them lets go, too.

I have a friend who wants to get a colnago next year while he’s in italy… I think he will totally get the sr electric
Also cycling projects will build a bike with it as soon as Felice can get a gruppo, I’m sure he’ll let me take it for a spin up the road :smiley:

you dont ‘need’ the tool, but if its the same mechanic, he broke an alternative tool that comes recommended across the internet trying to do what the tool will do.

so im stuck with a slowly dying PT BB until the actual tool appears or i go find another alternative tool.

for those playing at home - power torque cranks require a specific crank puller that apparently doesnt exist yet. a standard auto gear puller is recommended but often needs some modification to fit and thus work. park will have their tool post-xmas apparently.