an introduction.

Canberra FOA friends

Will be a member of your community as of Sunday by way of Brisbane. Moving down with my gf who has landed herself a job with the Department of Finance. I did a 10 month stint in Canberra back in 2008 before I rode a bike properly so I’m pretty keen to explore on two wheels.

I’ve got about 3 weeks of tooling around before I start work so I’ll be out and about. I ride a fluoro orange sworks tarmac (or #sjerks thanks to FOA member loki_1) so if you happen to spot me anywhere on your travels throw out a wave or call me out. I’ll be living out of a serviced apartment for a few weeks before we find a place to live and I can unpack my pub bike.

Once we’re settled I’ll do my best to get out on some organised rides, but as I said, if you see me at a coffee shop or riding throw out a peaceful hand gesture. I’ve lurked the “eating canberra” thread a bit but any good coffee shop/eatery recommendations for my gf and I would be super helpful as I’m sure a lot has changed since 2008.

End of novel, hope to see you guys soon.

Also, ezylee…I have no facial hair but I’ve ridden with Rhys enough and admired his excellent beard to talk shop

edit: this is the fluoro orange bike I speak of. I also have fond memories of the wig and pen, so you may find me there.

Don’t let him in… He will hurt you in any slight incline…

Maybe melb is more his thing

This guy is bad news. Genuine Sjerk.

Does go alright after a few beers. So I think he’ll fit in alright with you Canberra pissheads. Liam you have to take him to hippo for a round of Old Smoke!

Pieces of crap like that are a dime a dozen here. Gotta go custom bro.
Also, the Wig and Pen is in the process of setting up at the School of Music in ANU, about 1km down the road from the old place.

Maybe not quite dime a dozen as there are only 260 of that colour frame set worldwide… But the custom CK to 25mm Belgim’s, so cliche.

Forget everything I said…gonna sell all my bikes and start snowshoeing instead.

They demolish that building it was in already?

Welcome and maybe you’d like to join us on our Thursday night “it’s thirsty work” ride, look for a thread in the Canberra thread.
We just have an easy ride after work with a few beers on Thursdays.
The Wig and Pen will reopen soonish in a different place and we’ll
have the pleasure to see Bigadz hop, skip and jump to the pub from his office.

YES! Canberra claims another FoAer!

Welcome back. Canberra has undergone a bit of a change over the last few years - as mentioned, if you are heading to Wig & Pen for a beer, you will notice that the building is being readied for an apartment block. We do have a new brewery (ex Wig & Pen brewer) called Bent Spoke which you will have to check out, it lacks that certain charm that the W&P had though. I will have to give you a guided tour of the city’s not too known attractions. Check out Gypsys review for EzyLee’s Canberra Tours on TripAdvisor. 5 stars.

As for riding, we only really have one recently started organised ride happening regularly - they happen on Thursday afternoons. We meet up for a quick ride followed by a couple of beers and a feed, then we all head off home. I am only just discovering what being a ‘roadie’ is all about, so I may not be the best person to show you the places to go riding. Get a mountain bike and I will gladly show you what Canberra is even better for.

So the serviced apartments… are they in Kingston/Barton area so as being close to your gf’s work? If so, I will have to meet up with you and give you a bit of a tour of that local area for coffee and eats. Canberra has no shortage of good coffee. Where about’s are you going to be working?

Can’t wait to see the S-Works rolling around. Fuck the Specialized haters.

It’s close. My last job for 2014 was designing the hoarding to go around the construction site. It had to be up by the end of 2014 so no doubt if it isn’t gone yet - it is close. Only half of the building is getting knocked down though.

PS - Are you on Instagram?

We’ll be staying in Braddon I believe (which is weird) but targeting somewhere closer to her office to live. I’ll more than likely be working from home most days then travelling to Sydney when required.

Haters gonna hate, I worried about rocking that bike for ages, then I overtook a bunch of people up mount coot-tha and stopped caring.

instagram is @davejrt

Braddon is a good place to be and is only a short ride across the lake to her work. You will have plenty of options within walking distance for coffee, bars, restaurants. Braddon is the ‘hipster’ area of Canberra - and on a Friday and Saturday night it is getting hard to be able to just walk into a restaurant without a booking. The other good thing is that brewery is smack bang in the middle of Braddon. BentSpoke |

Coffee wise - your best be is going to see the travelling barista and all 'round cool guy, mouche, at the newly opened Tupelo which is in the city (3 minute ride from Braddon). Braddon also has a coffee roaster which has two locations on the main street ‘Lonsdale St Roasters’, Home - Lonsdale Street Roasters towards the southern end is the cafe + roaster and the northern end is the eatery with american style bbq. I haven’t sampled their bbq as yet. If bbq is your thing, the better place for this is in the city at a place called smoque (ask gypsy). Smoque - HOME

The Cyclery is your local specialized dealer. Go say g’day. The Cyclery - They have recently updated their shop, looks nice. Feels nice. Is nice.

Good pizza can be had at Pizza Gusto at the northern end of Lonsdale St. Pizza Gusto

Anyway, I really look forward to officially welcoming you to Canberra - my mobile is 0411 682 377. Let me know when you are settled and we can go for a bit of an explore. Canberra is full of hidden gems and I love to show them off.

Awesome dude, we’re both pretty excited about it. I’ll get in touch once we’re unpacked and all that. Also, BBQ is very much my thing…see pics from my trip to Texas on Instagram

ALL I SAW WAS SNOWSHOE LOVE AND A NICE BIKE THAT MIGHT FIT ME. Welcome back to Canberra, since you seem great, I hope you love it and stay

Don’t eat at Bentspoke unless you like to pay $20 for a bite-sized burger and 5 soggy, floppy wedges. Civic Pub (looks crap outside) has great pub food, a fireplace and pooltables

Classic EzyLee.

More like it

Why? It’s a good way to organise our thursday night rides! Hater.

Canberra sounds better with every piece I read of it…end of story…go on with what you were doing before I didnt make sense.

All noted, thanks dudes! Arrived this afternoon…wrecked after the drive. Will be fully recovered in a day or two and ready to roll.