An opportunity for a cyclist to have 15 mins of fame.

Do you ride a bicycle to work? Do you live and/or work in the Liverpool area (South Western Sydney)? If so and you’d like to appear in the news paper, please PM me.

Lemontimes this is for you!!!

Sorry, I’m NOT going to start commuting from Adelaide to Sydney just to appear in the local rag … cripes, with that commute, I’d probably make the daily papers, or the national, maybe even the internet! I could become famous, have my own tv show, become rich and set up my own pro-tour racing team.
On the other hand, it’s 1,600 km to Sydney, and I’m flat out getting to work on time as it is with a modest 13 km commute. I’ll stick with what I’ve got - at least I can woose out and get my son to pick me up after work.

Seriously, I hope you get someone Deus.

I’ve had my 15 mins of fame. Next…

Having grown up in Liverpool (and leaving as soon as I could) I’d expect the photo in the paper will look something like this …

Doesn’t count, no beer in the basket.

Yeah, but he is on the way to Centrelink … so the case of beer, carton of Winnie Blues and bucket of KFC is gonna get picked up on the way home (along with a few car stereo’s, dvd players and leaf blowers which will end up Cash Convertors).

I haven’t ventured anywhere near liverpool on a bicycle any time in my entire life.

Fuck anywhere further west than where I live.

DEUS the forum might serve you better for something like this. Or you could search for bikes for sale in the Liverpool area on Gumtree, one of those might commute. Most Sydney members of this forum either live North, Northwest, or East of the CBD.

I feel the same (and I’m allowed to as I grew up there) but even I’ll admit that the roads out west shit on anything we have to ride by a country mile.

But we have a world class cyclocross course in the middle of the cbd!

Pics or GTFO…