And so the plague begins...

…it didn’t take very long.

Thisone went for $530 or so. Makes me despair for all mankind.

Hopefully it was dummy bidding. That would make me less sad.

Was wondering when this was gonna crop up on fixed… but didn’t think it would hit the ebay section first.

awww yeah $500 gear bicycle-BIKE_W0QQitemZ140368764354QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Sport_Cycling_Bikes?hash=item20aea15dc2


What this needs is a systematic ‘is this the $99.00 fixie from Industrie?’ questions to be asked.

Already onto it.

they’ll probably reply with

" …oh well you need to spend $200 on clothes, and then you can redeem the bike at $100, so technically i spent $300…"


I don’t see what the problem is :?

I’d say 90% of new production bikes are overpriced crap and I got no probs with somebody making a few $'s if there’s punters on ebay who are willing to pay for them.

Eventually there will be a $99 fixie in K-Mart. I think that’s a good thing. Fixed gear bikes were originally utilitarian alternatives and the opposite of elite.

Not everyone has the time to piss about building one from scratch or get big headed thinking their bike is “custom”. Some people just want a bike.

I don’t speak for everyone but my main problem isn’t really with people making money from Industry’s bike give-aways: it’s more them buying into fixed gear culture… I mean they could’ve given away a mountain bike at probably the same cost to them; but they chose a fixed gear. Why? Coz fixed gears are “cool”- brand association ensues to ensure that Industry remains current.

And that’s bad because…?

Because it cheapens the fixed gear culture. What Industry is doing is pre-packaging “culture” for the masses; thereby diluting the scene with posers who walk their bike like pet poodles rather than riding them. (Afterall, actually RIDING in a pair of Industry pants may warrant an extra rip that’s totally not designer and totally not what you paid for).


So what exactly is “the fixed gear culture”?

Spot on. More people on bikes is a good thing. If they’re on a bike enjoying them selves happy days.

So what exactly is “the fixed gear culture”?

its the following of american alternative trends

The most inspiring people I know are in their 70’s (and even older), and to them seeing cats riding fixed gear is a real treat, a joy in fact. They honestly thought “their” way of riding was dead and buried. Their excitement and enthusiasm is pure and welcoming of anyone giving it a go. They’re not worried about culture or cool/not cool, they just know it to be a pure and involved way of riding a bike, less is more.

[li]Cheap bikes are shit, the ride quality reflects this and people may be put off cycling as their first experience will be bad. If shit starts falling off in the first 100kms people could easily generalise all bikes to be unreliable.[/li][li]People who profit off a person’s lack of knowledge, rather than informing the public are cunts, period. Nothing wrong with selling a shit bike, but at least tell them it’s shit and let them decide. Dressing this turd up for 350% profit is pretty shameful.[/li][li]These clunkers will end up in landfill given that they are unserviceable. This wastes materials, energy, etc.[/li][/ul]

More people on bikes is a very good thing, but IMHO they need to be sold the complete picture. The number of places I’ve been where I see a kmart bike sitting in the shed unridden and rusting because “it got a flat 12 months ago and I didn’t know how to fix it” pisses me off. Helping your mates/family/coworkers get into riding is far more effective in the long term than selling more cheap bikes.

This bike appeals to the general attitude of the current generations: buy, use, forget, discard. On the other hand IMHO our grandparents had it pretty right: buy a quality product once and look after it forever. I think adheres to this mentality more given that we look after our stuff and trade components rather than sending stuff to landfill.

This cat?

:stuck_out_tongue: … I am heavily influenced by Nelson Algren’s [i]The Man With A Golden Arm[/i]

Some cats just swing like that

and what’s wrong with cats on bikes anyway?

Oh man, I’ve been having a shitty day at work, and that image has made my afternoon, thanks.

I supposed that “culture” was sharing common ideals and interests as part of a social group. Silly me for thinking that people riding fixies ever formed groups or forums to discuss riding fixies.