Andy White

Some bad news this weekend: Andy White (aka TC of fyxomatosis) came off his bike Thursday riding near Kinglake and broke his neck. Apparently he hit a pothole and his front wheel came out of the fork, he went over the handlebars and landed on his head.

He had surgery to pin the bones Saturday and is currently recovering …

If you get a chance, drop him a note to wish him well. Let’s hope he has a speedy recovery!!

damn thats not a nice way to crash.
yep, get well soon

goes and tightens front wheel

Yeah heard the news at the track this morning- Best wishes on a quick recovery!

Sent a bunch of flowers (orchids and lilys which he likes taking pics of) after track this morning with all names of those at the track on it as well as a general wish from and the shifter team.

Card read:

Keep smiling, we’re all behind you.
names, etc.

Should arrive with him tomorrow morning with breakfast (well, thats what we asked for)

It’s terrible news. Hopefully his recovery will be speedy. A nice thought lats, good work.

Great work Lats, you’re a champ.
Hope for a quick and full recovery Andy.

Ride safe all.

Twas a combined effort of all at the track this morning.

oh man, i hate news like that. best wishes to a speedey recovery Andy

Yikes, that’s very scary indeed!

Sh!t, that’s really bad news. I hope the damage is not too drastic (to him or his bike).

Holy shit, that awful.

bad news.

Very bed news indeed.


Just heard the news from Rhino and then read this thread.
Best wishes Andy.
Hope all heals well and you are back riding and smiling soon.

terrible news. may he have a speedy recovery

Whoa, this is really fucked up. Heal with haste Andy.

Fuck that sucks. Get well soon mate.

Time for another of these?


Nice work Lats.

Holy crap!

I’ve always had a phobia of crashing like that, even to the point of snapping a quick release lever once when I was a teenager.



Get well soon Andy.

Shocking news. Get well soon Andy.

I am completely speechless (refreshing change i know), that is extremely sad news. Speedy recovery Andy. I think we may need a fund-raiser set in motion?