another century + ?

doing this one tomorrow, 181km. 20km up on the last one. Riding on my surly. 48 * 16 but I have a hot tip that there’s a blistering 10km winding downhill somewhere, might swing a 48 * 15 for that one just for safety’s sake.

  • Joel

just take you feet off the pedals…

for safety?

I ended up piking out of 80kms of this one, I didn’t get started until two hours later than planned, there was a 15km/h headwind which wasn’t planned, the road was a cunt, the drivers were cunts etc. I rode the first 56 then anoth 45 from tallabingo dam to tumut. THAT was a really nice stretch, following the dams and water storage of the snowy-mountain scheme downhill.

  • Joel