another day another Ken

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Yo Scott, got onto the helmet that comes with this thing of the TT Loop!!!

Make sure you can collect between 16:09 and 16:38 on a full moon.

NO words on the bike, just pickup. And tiny…

I have bought off this guy before, a bit odd, people on BNA had problems with him posting stuff.

This isnt the guy that didn’t post stuff is it.
There was a guy that went missing and alex had bought off on bna

Yeah Dayne its him. I got that Campag 700/650 wheelset off him about a year back. Can’t remember his BNA user name.

yep this is him, avoid like the plague

if you win, the bike won’t arrive

Did you and the others get your cash back Alex?

that guys nick on BNA is fly spray

Its a nice frame but, foa mafia help with pick up?

Hmm pretty sure Ben got his olmo off him then, and he’s in nsw?

no he is definiely in albion, can help with pickup and packing if you want it…i’ve been to his house a couple of times, terrible with response due to working weird hours i think but i know where he lives etc so can’t get away with it…

the items mysteriously arrived express post about a week after i mentioned how cheap & easy it is to run a claim through the civil courts

Yea he shipped it down to me no worries, well padded box etc. Sounds like I got lucky

is it just me, or is the NDS fork end cracked…

It’ll just be the paint surely.

dunno about that…

Yeah it looks cracked,
For a guy that runs a bike restoration and mechanic service he seams pretty quite on the listing.

well spotted … that’s not good at all.