another fixed doco - fast fridays

another one.
from seattle

also < B.I.K.E. (be inclusive, kill exclusivity) looks like a ‘proper’ doco, rather then a skate video style thing, about ‘black label’ underground bike club (tall bikes and lightning bolt feature)

also, obviously


any others?

Red Light GO


i just got a copy of B.I.K.E. in the mail.
if it’s any good i’ll loan it out to you guys who live in melbourne

i have pedal. it’s good, not great.

i watched 20 minutes of PEDAL and just felt myself cringing. Full of toss pots.

i had a thumb through mash - i think that’s what it was called, anyway - when i was in someday on sunday. looks ok. the dvd looks ok.

fast fridays… you mean that ad for cadence clothing?

PEDAL is great from a documentary point of view.

I hate the fact that it centers around the weird, freak, and criminal types, painting a pretty sad, and common face for bike couriers.

BUT Peter Sutherland did this long before others, has documented the underground NYC graf scene also, and he was keeping up with cyclists on a SKATE BOARD - while steadily filming in traffic. Hats off.

For that, pedal is brilliant.

Lucas Brunelle

was given mash the other day. it’s pretty good. very little commentary just guys bombing around san fran. worth a look, though. happy to lend it to people who wont return it all scratched :smiley:

double yellow.
pretty good dvd done from Philly by a messenger called jt.
can lend if you want it.
tick, if you want to trade via post?


i’ll PM you my deets!

I ordered MASH and it never came, tracked it online and it said it was sent, fucking spewing.

emailed the dude at mash and no reply

pretty dirty

this just solidifies my 100% fuck up rate with internet purchases

MASH = gay. And gay as in bad, not gay as in homosexual.