Another folding bike concept... yawn

Geeze, talk about flavour of the month:

The problem with folding bikes are the hinges- they immediately introduce weakness into the frame design. This concept has about 6 hinges along the frame!

I like that designers are interested in bicycle design, ‘sustainability’ and ‘empowering design’, but the cynic in me thinks it’s all just a fad.

Seriously, there have been about 100 of this kind of designs in the past year or so.

At least he’s prototyped the thing, instead of running up some nice 3d graphics and saying “hey I designed a cool bike” :roll:.

I really should get on with some work today, lest I be accused of pumping my post count :evil:

As far as folding bikes go, I dont mind the look of this one too much. At least it looks more like a regular bike than the awkward looking ones with tiny wheels. But as above mentioned, there are a lot of hinges that would make one think about the strength of the bike.

Not big on folding bikes, but I would love one of these.

How many folding bikes fit in a carpark?

I just bought a folder this week.

I only got it because I can’t get a mini velo in OZ.

What do you do if yours is the one in the middle. Biased much :? :smiley:

what are the thoughts about this bike then? Great looking prototype and doesnt really look like a folding bike. I think its pretty great.

If you watch that video closely you will not that after he unfolds it there is no chain and it’s missing a pedal.

He coasts along on the bike to make it look like it is fully functional, but really its not.