Another Il Pompino

After 3 months of planning, umming and aahhing, saving, purchasing, waiting almost a month for it to get delivered and a few teething problems… here it is

I’ll post some better pics when it’s all done

a few adjustments to make, new hoods to arrive in the next few days, pedals to be swapped out for SPD’s, etc etc, but very happy with it so far.

On One Il Pompino frame + fork
Sugino Messenger Cranks 46t
Xero Wheels (cassette SS conversion, donated from an old bike)
Ritchey Comp headset, saddle, bars, rimtape
Schwalbe CX Pro Light tyres 700c x 30
Tektro Oryx Canti Brakes (front set are on their way)
and a few other generic bits and pieces

Thanks to Commuter Cycles for the build, Sime for the advice, lending me his for a weekend and sourcing a few parts, and everyone else who encouraged me to get this.

I’ll be taking this one to Europe with me, so many adventures to come…

(yes, i’m as excited as a little girl)

*edit : I can’t believe I didn’t look this up before, but i just got asked what “Il Pompino” means… lolz

next upgrade after the ones you mentioned:

a new wheelset with an even distribution of spokes to the rim.

Don’t run the rear wheel slammed in the backend, (unless you are running road tyres and just riding on the road) as it wont help you with provision for mud clearance or for copping a buckle out on a ride.

but seriously how good are the rear seat stays? and the rear cable guide, I don’t even use it with my V-brakes and it still gets me excited…

Next, next upgrade: brakes that aren’t Oryxs

this… from personal experience… (thank Blakey)

why no front brake?

nice though

and with proper pads.
and what Sime said
if you want to be more comfortable off-road i’d suggest switching a few headset spacers to bring the bars up a little. it will allow you to level your levers with the flats of your bars a bit and handle the looser stuff better.

No front brake?
Also, what size cog do you have on the back?
Also, I’m jelly

Front brakes are on their way from wiggle, just waiting for them to arrive

18t on the rear dylan, I’ll no doubt get a smaller chainring too

Hopefully they’ll be here soon with my Sidi’s.

Nice ride mate.

edit: snuck one up the inside

Thanks Markee, on both accounts!

46-18?!?! Yeah you’ll want that smaller chainring as soon as you get out on the trails man.