Another Kagero

Very glad I went for a lunch trip home in the same five minute window that the courier also arrived in. Waiting another day would have be hard. Only got to unbox it and had to head back to work unfortunately.

Big thanks goes to Kenoath for the great deal and speedy freight.

2013 Kagero XL
Velocity Synergy Rims
Soon to be Deda Pista bars
3T Pro post and stem (anyone want to trade my 140mm for your 90/100mm?)

Nice one! I was thinking of a Kagero for one of my builts but went with steel in the end as I’m doing some long distance stuff as well. But I still wonder how it rides. How tall are you, going for the XL and what kind of riding are you planning to do with this thing?

Yeah +6’ tall so the large seemed like it would be a tad small. First decent ride on it today and it seems good. Some slight adjustments required.

Just the daily ride at the moment but to justify the purchase I think it’s time to bust the track cherry.