Another $$$$$$ Laser

Cinelli Laser Crono Strada 1985 W Campagnolo Record C Complete Bicycle | eBay

Sweet jesus.
Twenty Thousand Dollars.
3 Fuji Altamera’s.
2.6 SWorks Venge’s.
About a bazillion Reids.

That’s nuts.

one of the new laser prototype track bikes went for $46k at auction recently. it was for charity though, so they usually get higher prices I think.

none of these comparisons are valid though, this isn’t a bike for riding, it’s a bike to hang on the wall.
$20k isn’t that much to some, people who collect cars would laugh at how little they would spend if they collected bikes.

if i had a spare $20k i would buy this.

I’ve spent shit loads more than that on drugs & alcohol and don’t have much to show for it.

If i was loaded, i’d hit the BIN button in a heartbeat.

Oh I get it - and it’s an incredible bike.
I’m just saying that it’s a lotta cash.
But it’d kill me to buy a $20k bike and not ride it.
Then I think my GF, despite her love of all things Bike, would actually kill me :confused:


Free postage?! Pretty much pays for itself!


Yup thats pretty much right.

Personally I wouldn’t buy it but thats simply because I’m not a collector. Would I buy it if I had $20K burning a hole in my pocket? Still the answer would be no. Having said that, I can still appreciate it and don’t doubt its pricing… but at the end of the day, something is only worth as much as someone’s prepared to pay for it. Will it sell for $20K? Perhaps, or maybe the seller will settle for a couple of thousand lower. An '84 Laser pista sold for $15K in 2011.

FWIW $20K would not go very far if you wanted to collect a significant artwork, be it original or editioned. That’s the field that I work in and for some of my past clients $20K was considered pretty much chump change. Truestory

Would buy

I consider 20K to be chump change, just happen to be out of chump change today

That makes two of us :slight_smile:

This sold for $47,000 last weekend. Not kidding. 2011 red hook bike.

Holy shit. House deposit on two wheels

To be fair, the Laser Nostra was auctioned off at a charity function.

I’ve been to my fair share of charity balls and have seen 5 and 6 figure sums dropped on items and experiences worth significantly less than that. All for a good cause yeh.