another Leader built... 725TR 2011...

upgraded to 2011 Leader 725TR, better geometry and very smooth welding on this bike, feels much better than the previous ride :cool:

most of the parts are from my previous bike :o

some bits and pieces:

  • Leader 725TR 2011 White size 53
  • Alpha Q GS-20 fork
  • Shimano WH RS10 front wheelset
  • H+Son Formation Face, Chub hub, DT Swiss spokes rear wheelset
  • Eighthinch 19T cog
  • Eighthinch lockring
  • Vittoria Randonneur 700x28
  • Shimano 105 compact crank 50T with Hollowtech BB
  • Deda carbon seatpost
  • Deda Quattro2 stem
  • Deda Pista trackbar
  • Deda bartape
  • FSA aHEADset bearing
  • MKS pedals, All City toe clip, All City toe strap
  • Tioga Spyder2 saddle
  • Tektro oversize brake lever
  • Folker white front brake caliper

There’s a huge load of coin in that bike, respect.
$600 forks, rear wheel about $500, that front wheel kinda doesn’t match.

wow you certainly go through your frames:) the visp, the 2010 leader now this… This is by far your best build though.
Thats an interesting hub on the rear. Any good?

Those chub hubs look awesome!! sooooooo big!!!

looks good though! I’m not sure how short you are, but that seat post looks too low! (maybe im use to looking at my visp with a MASSIVE amount of seat post hanging out because the frame is slightly too small + long legs)

Other than that, nice build up! I like the low spoke count roadie front wheel. I’m running a similar shimano on mine with less spokes ha ha!!

mr_dylan: please dont mention the dollars I’ve spent, that reminds me of the 5bucks I had on my account :frowning:

aeroBLOKE: I’m keeping this frame coz this frame suits me much much better that the other two. The Chub hub is awesome! I was thinking to get Phil hub at first, but the Chub looking more attractive and cheaper for sure. I amazed with the lightweight of this hub.

HLC: I’m not that tall so thats the seatpost height suits me (172cm). Need to save up more dollars, so I can get HED3 front clincher for my self X’mas gift LOL

HED3 on that would be so sick!
Would look just like Emi.

with the hed 3 it will loom great…almost exactly like this…

how much is a hed 3?

More than his frame

jnr fxie jnky: with hed3 for sure sexier LOL, but if I have hed3 it will look like Rudy Melo’s bike :slight_smile:

aeroBLOKE: niceeeeeee :smiley: I think the price is above 1k for front clincher :frowning:

daniel: if its cheaper than my frame I would’ve got it by now LOL

3-4 aerospoks.

is it 3-4 times better?

PiledHigher: kinda 2 or 3 Aerospokes LOL

aeroBLOKE: well I guess its lightweight and the looks, I’m not sure about the quality, but you know that mostly price wont lie

Rudy Melo’s bike

some updates :slight_smile:

Michelin Pro3 front tyres
Eighthinch double toe clip
Cadence leather double strap
some decals LOL!

crap blackberry camera, cant be bothered to take picts with slr cam on tennis court :slight_smile:

I’ve not looked at HED 3s for a long time, but the 3C was a more expensive wheel last time I checked (compared to a normal 3 with alloy braking surface).

Maybe you can get an old HED3 for cheap? The ones with orange/yellow fade stickers seem ugliest and cheapest.

And looking more closely at the bike above, I think that dude has applied some perm marker to the alloy braking surface on his normal HED 3 (not C)… it looks darker than the carbon around it and I would guess its clincher since gatorskin tubs are a bit of a rarity.

One is the most researched and tested design in history, the other has two more spokes.

just uploaded the pict to FixieFights… Please vote my bike :slight_smile:

Fixie Fights

vote for Erwin’s Leader…

Thanks :slight_smile:

i wanna vote for this guy, but he already won…

cost too much… :frowning:

LOL! own3d!