Another Lurker...

Another lurker comes forth:

Before and after. Photo quality is a tad ordinary, my digital camera is a POS. Old but unremarkable Hillman frame with assorted scrounged/ebay parts. Campag headset and D/A calipers were the only original parts fit for use. I’ve had it out on the road a handful of times since sending it to FGG and the ride is oh so nice. Will probably swap out the cheesy chinese stem and saddle in due course, when I figure out what I really want. Bar has been replaced with a Nitto Noodle since posting - v.nice, thanks Dan. Probably won’t get the purists wet but it’s my bike, not yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Nitto stem.

i’m a purist, and i like it. nice work -

i should post my bike up on fgg. hrm.


I was quite impressed with that. I’ll have to do a compilation of the Australian fgg submissions. Andy White AKA TC has about 17.

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this is off topic, but tomacropod, that would be a cool link-list if you get around to doing it. let me know.

I’ll see if I can get some better quality pics, maybe with some detail of the lugwork and figure out how to get them into the gallery.

Here’s a start:

(australia) OR (.au) OR (oz) OR (brisbane) OR (adelaide) OR (sydney) OR (aussie) OR (melbourne) OR (perth) OR (hobart) OR (darwin)
60 items:

Search resultscharset=UTF-8&bcd=%C3%B7&scs=1&

Granted, some will be spiffy 5 stars that have left our shores, but that’s probably most of them.

good work. Sick :slight_smile:

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now, which smartass is going to script an image thumbnail generator, to pull down a list images from fgg? :slight_smile:

thanks for the list tom, i will put it on the frontpage?


sure - I know it missed a bunch because it missed mine. I also forgot to put mine in. Perhaps if you make a sticky thread, we can post additions as we come across them, and you can update the list periodically :slight_smile:

mine (now sold):

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