another mash ....

Had some questionable bikes in my time, this is my first proper build.

cinelli mash 54cm
165mm omniums with a zen 49t ring
shit velocity deep Vs to shit hubs
surly 17t cog + surly lock ring + miche chain
gr 9s + soma double gate clips and some horrible straps
90mm thomson stem + 38cm nitto rb-21 bars
thomson post to san marco skn saddle


excuse the horrible iphone photo, might take some decent pics one day soon if im not feelin to lazy

got some adjustments to make with the bar height and angle
have a much nicer thomson stem ordered and on the way
soon to be rolling on H+ son rims and profile hubs
not to sure about the SKN at the moment
also got decent straps ordered, might go clipless before they get here though

open to criticism and suggestions :smiley:

like your username, like your bike.

nice build,i was wondering what the green mash frame would look like with blk seat post,might get one now.

Difffffferent. Awesome.

Thought I might show an update of the my Mash before it is stripped of its parts and rebuilt/sold.
Nitto rb-021 swapped for Deda drops.
Thomson stem swapped for a Deda newton pista 110mm.
Went clipless with Look keo 2 max’s, feels great!

frame really pops with black components, one of the nicer ‘modern’ builds.

I love the green mash frames. You going to be selling the frame?

I really like this. The black against the green looks rad. I love seeing drops on MASH frames.

Yes, frame is listed the for sale section! =)

Man that black on green is smoking hot!! No bar tape hey, FTW.

People seem to like the green and black together, will be a big disappointment to see where the parts from this go when I post my next build.

Many reasons to not wrap the bars. I had no tape when I got the new bars, I had no money for bar tape, I suck at wrapping bars and I manage just fine without it. The main reason would be the minimalism gains me mega hipster points. Fashion > Function.