Another no-name roadie conversion (and another first build)

This is my first fixed build, destined to become a polo rig one day (the paint is rubbish, frame has rust etc) but for now it’s my daily ride.

No-name frame with a rattle can white that went cream under the “clear” gloss (Yanase was written on it, but I can’t find anything on them. Late 80s early 90s at a guess)
Velocity deep v 32 spoke front, b43 36 spoke back
Northern star saddle
Stock drops with slightly torn FUBAR tape from an off.
Look keo sprint pedals
No name brake, stock chainring from when it was a roadie, stock cranks, KMC chain, mongoose lock that I forgot to take off.
(Stobist: bare 430EX on each side @1/32)

Comments more than welcome, especially regarding why my chain lost tension on the ride out to the shoot (and hence why it’s dangling. Wasn’t doing that, then there was this crunching sound and now it is).

Full res here:
First build by Klips, on Flickr

Not a fan of anything orange, but it looks great. It actually looks better cream than it would have in white in my opinion. As for the chain, it might have stretched. But not in the one journey, unless it was uphill both ways and you have some crazy super hard gearing… Otherwise something maybe just be out of line.

have you been able to get tension again? I ask because it looks like the axle is pretty far back in the dropouts. My guess is the axle slid forward either from the nuts not being tight enough or the rear spacing isnt the same as the hubs (ie hubs narrower than rear spacing). this causes the dropouts to move out of parallel when you tighten the nuts and they can’t get a good enough grip to hold the axle. try some spacers to keep the dropouts at their original spacing and parallel to each other. hope that makes sense.

ps i’ve used washers from mitr 10 as a cheap solution but you can also get proper axle spacers from an lbs which are basically a metal tube then cut them to the right lengths but this takes more time and is slightly more costly/hassle etc

agreed on that looking pretty darn good in cream rather than white!!

the guys above probably have it nailed with chain tension.

Thanks guys, I’ll give it a crack and see what happens. The axle space is fine, I had Ian Downing fix the frame for me in his epic workshop so it’ll be apples on that front!