Another one for the ant nest

Our second daughter was born in the wee hours of this morning during a brief break in the lightning storm we had here in Brisbane.

Sadie Adele Angus

Mrs Ant did so freaking awesome and we had them both home in time for breakfast.

So I guess Women’s team sprint is an option now?

new baby day, the best day. congrates to you and the Mrs Ant.

WOO-HOO! Awesome news, congratulations!

How many do you need for a colony? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done to your wife, and congrats to you.
In the world of kids, i found that having a second actually triples the workload instead of doubling it.
Second one is a more relaxed ride as you know what to expect and what to not stress over.

Congrats Guys all the best


congrats mate! all the best!

Nicely done. Congratulations!

High five dude!


Time for some Ant Music !!! Well done to all of you :wink:


(and of course its another girl if its an ant nest)

Congrats Dan, wow what a weekend to come into the world!

Congratulations man, that’s top stuff. Girls are great.

And I concur with the below:

And three makes it ∞ but don’t let that stop you.

Congratulations !!


totally agree about 2 vs 1

Don’t tell me that!

congrats mate!!!

Congrats Dan and fam.
God help you now that it’s 3 against 1!

Yeah congrats, new baby day is the greatest of days. I don’t have daughters, I have sons so I have no useful gratuitous advice for you. My mate Frank From The Bank has three daughters…he ended up having to build a little bathroom for himself out off the laundry :slight_smile: .

Huge congrats Dan.

Having two girls is pretty sweet, although I think those of us with daughters ought to enjoy it now, before they become teenagers and things get crazy. I’m kinda scared.