Another one of those "not really a bike things"

This is pretty much the car of my dreams, though I’d ditch the 33/34 grill and go for a 60’s show rod style custom front.

FORD 1936 5W COUPE OLD SCHOOL HOTROD - eBay Pre-1940, Collector Cars, Cars, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 12-May-10 21:11:25 AEST)

If this goes for $25000 it’s a steal.

Who else here dreams of large V8’s(or small ones in this case) and miles of chrome?

Would love a 50s F100 with a current efi v8, lowered just enough to look good without reaching the tryhard airbagged minitruck limit.

Oh and a GT350H Mustang (replica so I dont feel the need to baby a priceless classic).

2 wheels too many Erle!
give me a Vincent twin in a Fritz Egli frame for the ultimate bike.
I’d make do with a Rickman Z1000 though (if some one’s got one sitting ina shed under a tarp…)
shit…I’ve got to rebuild one of my mo’bikes and get riding again…

Woah I hear you man I wish I had the money for that cause that definately is a steal for that price. And I would not change a thing on it, It is perfect.

This was on a hot rod forum im a member of, guess it explains the price

Still, it’s a pretty good start point, plus it’s got history. I’m glad to see there is someone else on here who appreciates the finer things in life!

Yeah dont get me wrong I love it. I just cringe when I heard the body is welded to the chassis. I would still pay it if I had the money but would definately be getting the body off first thing then who knows. Wish I had the money to buy a steel car like this, got everything else I need to build it.

That is a bit of a worry. I was all set to build a slant six powered A Model roadster pick up in '05, but got the travel bug and cars got put on the back burner. I’m working with a guy who’s building a 25 Dodge roadster and I’ve got the hot rod bug again. There was an A roadster pick up body/chassis on ebay a few weeks back for $5000 or so. It seemed to be a good deal.

There is a fair bit of good steel stuff around cheap if you keep an eye out but my favourite stuff is fords from a similar era to the one in the ebay ad. Bit out of reach for me at the moment.
I had an old zephyr I regret selling and a few other nice cars but nothing older then the fifties.

What do you do for work? check out forum if your interested. Lots of old timers and some stuff gets a little annoying there but easy to look past if your interested in that stuff.

Anyone read Rodder’s Journal? I’ve bought a few issues in the past, but for Xmas I got a subscription from my girlfriend.
There are some ridiculous cars in there, from both a modification and also a historical point of view.
I’m hyped on anything that is old and low, with minimal chrome and no silly modern wheels.

Time for a hotrod sub forum!

Yes, I buy Rodder’s Journal, it’s about the only subscription I have. As you say, there are some ridiculous cars out there!

Also, those flathead engines sound amazing, but unfortunately I haven’t built one yet. I’m hoping to sell a 302 Cleveland for something a little more old-school, perhaps a Ford sidevalve engine. I don’t have a car to put it into, but we just seem to accumulate engines around here!