Another Peter Bundy

This looks like a good buy. Maybe lots of people watching it, but only one very recent bid:


oh for a 58/59square

Oooh, it’s my size.

arr was hoping this wouldn’t get posted… I’m watching it very closely…

my size, and exactly what I’ve been looking for since forever.


Its mine, i have been after one of these since before forever and i can pick up as i live close!
No addmin no, i want want want!

you too i was also hoping for this not to be posted…mmmmmm

Hasn’t anyone taken away your eBay rights yet?

You’re just a bunch of selfish pricks. I’m the selfless bastard am I? Sorry.

Isnt someone a dick yet?

$760 – anyone on here?

nup… i wasn’t going to go over $600 without looking at it first…

Nope went over my limit.