Another shit bike by Dylan

Hey all
Look at this

guess the parts and Winn a beer

A bit of tape on the tt for leaning on poles and shit, spoke cards, b43 and deep V combo, shit cranks, bits of a biopace chainring on there too, and mks track pedals.

Thanks for the beer, Tumblr. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh fuck

Is that human remains coming out of the caravan tire?

beat me to it.

dylan is back on the fixed gears. wheres the spoke?

I owe you like a big beer


Why are you online? Shouldn’t you be out whip skidding?
Also what’s the frame? Visp?

Nah it’s visp clone(stars) I reckon Track Road bike Fixie Frame

I think I would prefer dylans over the one cycling deal has shown in the preview.

Is that a speedo?!?!

Speedo? Where?

Also no spok tull the kumo

Dude… that coloured chain really lets the whole build down.

Apart from that, I love it and may do one similar.

I <3 this bike
bits of biopace chainring do it for me

I think JLN was referring to the visp. It’s either a speedo or some really wack front brake.

Oh that. I bought 2 chains to put on there, which I thought were bmx chains. They were 3/32, stupid me! So I pulled the chain off my tall bike. I’ll put a better one on when I can go exchange the others.

And there’s no front brake, but there is a knog frog on the forks

We want a pic of you in speedo’s with the bike!

I can try for undies but bot a speedo

sweet fixay bro

Yes, yes it is. My Ricardo 10 speed from 1984 had a speedo like this. Awesome.