Another Tassie Track

Track Bike (Fixie). | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Launceston Area - Norwood | 1045438465

Not much in the way of details given, and I’m too nooby to give any from the details.
Might be worth a look to someone?


good buying, not sure how many tassie members we have?

Contacted the guy early this morning to organise courier!

good work son

Fark good going, gotta be quick

Looks real similar to my Farleigh! Good buying.

Damn that was quick, hope he is able to post for you. If he isn’t, lemme know if there is anything I can do. I’m about an hour drive away from the seller.

Seller agreed to courier bike. Got a message from him a few hours later saying he’d prefer local pick up/sale so I told him I have someone who can come pick it up and asked for a preferred time. No reply and ad is taken down so I’m guessing someone local nabbed it! Good buying for whoever picked this up.

Bugger :frowning:
If i had of known I would have pursued it for you.

Cheers mate, got your PM. Will chase it up with one last message to him but I’m not overly hopeful.

I think there are a couple of us lurking, but Launceston is 2 and a bit hours from me. Yell out anyone if you need help with stuff in the south of the state, though be aware my work schedule is pretty much all or nothing and often out of the metro area so it can take me some time to get to a courier, occasionally.

Hey floody :slight_smile:
Likewise, if you (or anyone really) sees anything in the north let me know, and I can hold it for you or what not.