Another Tassie Trackie...

Initial build up, but thought id share.

Frame came from Tassie, unsure of builder/make at this stage, trying to ask the previous owner. Seems like a quality build though, cut out lugs, chromed campy tips and campy drilled drop outs, drilled and slotted bb, 27.0 seatpost.

Have plans on stripping her back and re spraying over the summer, but here is an intial mock up with parts i had layin around (everyone says that aye).

Fork space is more generous compared to my other tassie track, but the shoulder/crown look the same, the current tyre on the front is a 20-622, so it looks larger than it is.

wow looks good!!!

nice find haha

Its just a suspicion but that looks like a McBain to me

I’m loving the paint and the decals man, polish it up a little and leave it as is.

I’ve seen the drilled track ends on a few McBains, and the rounded off seat/chain stay termination is similar to Andy’s old McBain. I reckon you’ve got yourself a McBain!

Looks awesome, where did you find this?

i thought it was a mcbain as well, but andy’s one had different lugs and seat stays, as well as some other mcbains ive seen, so not 100% sure. Ive emailed the previous owner to see if he knows anymore.

Ebay, posted from tassie =)