Another type of fixed bike.....

I have at home a Unicycle I bought about a year ago and have not yet got round to learning to ride it…
It’s somethiong I always promised myself I would learn and don’t know anyone to teach me…

Any offers… (preferably related to the unicycle…)


One easy way to learn is in a narrow hall-way. Start by getting into a sitting position and prop yourself up with both hands against the walls. Make sure you don’t have the seat too high, or low. If you are standing on the pedals, the saddle should be about a crank length below your crotch.

This might sound odd, but I found the easiest thing to learn first was to bounce on the spot.

Try standing on the pedals, with one hand holding the front of the saddle. Try letting go of the wal and get a feel for the balance. I found sitting down was harder to learn; standing up gives you two opposing contact points, whereas sitting means you need to control your weight on the seat as well.

Once you are ok with letting go for a moment, try hopping on the spot. It might sound foolish, but it is a lot easier than just balancing on the spot at first. Once you can hop around and correct your balance, start putting little delays in-between hops.

It actually feels like trackstanding, which it is I guess. Anyway, once you can balance a bit while sitting down, try rolling forward half a revolution. The 6 o’clock crank position is a bitch. Make sure to practice through every crank position (e.g. don’t return to the same crank-position all the time).

I can roll forward a couple of revolutions… sometimes. Just learning to balance was inspiring, but worth the practice.

mikey, what kind of price range are we talking, what did you buy it for? i have a friend who wanted to buy one awhile ago, i could check with him again. we were going to learn how to unicycle and juggle in the office, ive since left, but i’m sure he’s still keen. :wink:


They’re not too hard to find on the 'bay - there’s a bloke over here has them listed almost constantly. No idea of quality, ot how you’d go finding one in Deutschland.

I bought a unicycle a while ago too, great training tool as it builds your core strength aswell as making you keep forward and backward balance, not just sideways.

Great fun!

I got mine from juggle art in fitzroy, they’re a clown/circus equipment specialist. They even have those tiny little bikes that you see clowns riding. :slight_smile:

I got one for $25 from ebay(there is a company in Bris with seemingly endless supplies)…it’s a piece of chinese junk, but once I’ve learned to ride it, I can decide wether $25 was just money lost or the first step to something woth continueing…

MikeyD: are you selling?

Rogue: what size is yours? Do you know if it’s easier to learn on smaller or larger?

no handlebars… i’m very interested :slight_smile:

[quote=“ndf”]MikeyD: are you selling?


No… Don’t think I made it very clear…
What I wanted was some instructions…


  1. Get on while holding a wall.
  2. Go
  3. Fall down
  4. Repeat…


Ok, I’ve got steps 1,3 & 4 pretty much sussed…step 2 seems to be the tricky one???

Haha we have a couple of guys here that sometimes come out trials riding with us on their unicycles. They are at a pretty high level now (Picture bunyhoping up five stairs in one go) having just returned from the world unicylce trials championships. Anyway point is that I have tried riding these things and the hoping on the spot trick is the best way to learn. once you feel the balance point its just a matter of rocking back and forth. This is where i find it hard and fall off cause I cant control the side to side balance so I need to hop to correct this. Apparently its all in the hips.

Had a play while holding onto a fence yesterday…
Rhino took a piccy or two…

Not particularly succesful…
Didn’t manage the “let go of fence” stage, but manged to go a full pedal rev forwards…

Keep up the instructions…

The way I learnt was to ride in a hall way to keep my balance for a while.

Then ventured outside and got upright using a tree, focussed on a point in the distance and went for it.

To begin with I would get about 2 or 3 pedal revolutions, then 4 or 5, then around the block… and so on.