Another VISP build up

I had my visp frame built up recently, So far so good. Just need to get a longer rear axle and some front brakes sorted and it’s done. Quite happy with how its turned out. Big thanks to the dudes at Gear Brisbane for the help!

VISP 53cm
Some old MTB bars
C-Unit Seat Post, San Marco Seat
Alex Rims with maxxis detonators
Odyssey Pedals and BO Gear Strap Ons
48t Lasco crankset and 18t cog

Nice clean build, just out of interest how much did it total up to?

All up around about $600. Could of been cheaper but I was lazy sourcing parts…

Far out, that looks sick,
Best visp build up yet! makes me wanna build one up myself;)

$600 well spent. Nice build.! How much was the wheelset?

Is it possible to fit an aero style seatpost. On most Visp builds the seatpost just looks wrong.
The rest of the bike looks good.

Completely agree mate, I’ll need to look around for an aero seat post.

get a white knog skink, fits on there perfectly, blends in.
clean ride, similar to ellepea’s.

I agree - one of the best VISP’s I’ve seen to date.

looks great man.

Question… how much further can you get the wheel into the dropouts before it hits the chainstay/seat tube? It looks like you are at the rear of the dropout AND already pretty close to the seat tube.

I am thinking of building up one of these as a track bike and want to be able to switch between 14/15/16t cogs, but I am not sure if I will get the required movement in the dropouts.

Cheers man.

With my visp, the tyre will bottom out onto the frame before getting to the end of the dropout. I am running a 23mm gatorskin with a 16 tooth and half link chain.


As long as I can run 48/14, 48/15 & 48/16 with the one chain I’ll be happy.

Yep, see the thread visp trx790 in this section. I also have a spare 58cm visp frame that I will be selling. Cheers Angelo.

I think its pretty common with these frames that only half the dropout is usable. Still have some room to move though.

definitely one of the nicer visp builds i have seen

looks cleans as hell! what size are the tires? cause i’m sure (if they they aren’t 23’s) putting 700cX23 tires on it would ease up that tight rear wheel/seat tube spacing. i have always wanted to build one of these frames as when i was in the states i owned a ‘leader’ fixed gear and it has almost identical geometry. kudos anyway man.

keep up the great builds.

where did you mostly source your parts from? love the bike!

Frame, BB, Cranks and Wheels came from ebay
Seat (incl post), Pedals, Straps and Chain from Gear Brisbane
I picked up the tyres and grips from velogear and whatever is remaining I had already.

I’m happy with the way to bike has turned out, not bad for my first fixed build. Toe overlap is a bitch, but it is a track frame so thats expected.

sweet! yeah i thought so. i am looking at building up one of these frames and i can’t wait to start! i guess the only way to deal with that overlap is a 650c or 26inch wheel. i wouldn’t bother though, unless tricking is in your mind…
p.s. how do you find the parts from that ebay page? (crankset etc.) they holding up ok?

I don’t have heaps of knowledge on this topic, but what height person would a frame that size be suited to?

I’ve thought about buying 1 of the frames to build my own bike, not sure what size I would need. I’m prolly just 5 11