ANTHEM II Video Prem Thursday Night!!

Not exactly relevant for most of you guys on here but should be a jolly good evening regardless. Perhaps the most highly anticipated BMX DVD of the last decade, Anthem 2 has the BMX world buzzing. Thursday (16.12.10) Hell On Wheels will be holding a Sydney Premiere at the Golden Barley Hotel, just a few minutes away from the shop. There is an awesome bistro at the Golden Barley, so head in around 7pm, grab some delicious pub grub and get settled in for a night of BMX history. I know good ol hotbrad is attending, so come check it out the riding is amazing, all high speed, no boring nibbles here.

Will be there. If only I knew anyone else who rode bmx it would be a lot less awkward.

yep i will be there and i have see the last 15 or so mins of it and i will have to say one of the best bike videos i have seen in a long time.

Brian Yeagle! I’m on holidays, so I will do my darndest to get there.

Oh Yeagle indeed. Rhys I have seen this masterpiece allready and i am putting it out there …best BMX video EVER!!!and that includes roadfools 1 and neighborhood super heroes,big call I know but wait till you see it. Hope to catch you there.

This was awesome. I couldn’t sit still watching it.