Antmandan turns 30

I turn 30 in a couple of weeks and we will be having a party to celebrate.

31st March, from 7pm until late.

I’ll be having it at our new place in East Brisbane, if you don’t have the address please PM me. Friends, friends of friends and random internet strangers are more than welcome.

I’ve been stocking up on home brew for the occasion and will have a NZ pale ale on tap, plus a chocolate porter, passionfruit IPA, Irish red ale, and an American pale ale all in bottles. Plus punch and softdrinks for those that don’t want beer. Mrs Ant will also throw some of the usual vegan party snacks in for good measure.

so i’ll need to bring my own VB tinnies? thanks

Do so and I’ll pour them out and stab you with the empty cans.


Happy birthday Dan!

Yew. Happy birthday Danman. Drink beer heaps.

Can you please do a few “I’m turning 30” celebratory rants?

I’ll bring the power supply this time !

How about the aftermath of Milan/San Remo where everyone has been paying out on Gerrans? Saying Gerrans just sat in and got taken to the line and “stole” the win from Cancellara? Fuck that. These same douche bags still think that cycling is not a team sport. Our National champion was covering the breaks for Goss and just happened to catch one with the human motorbike. If you’ve been tasked with the job of covering the breaks you’re hardly going to help the guy who has the potential to steal victory from you and your team. As it was he did a brilliant job of not being dropped on the descent and timed his sprint to perfection. Imagine if Gerrans buried himself pulling turns and Cancellara or Nibali won? Gerrans would have been laughed out of the pro tour as the guy who helped the other team win. Bannan would have been “Hey Gerrans mate, we asked you to cover the break not power it away from the peloton, what the fuck were you thinking?”.

bloody good rant…

“human motorbike” - quite apt

Cancellara needs to undergo a process of mitosis so that there’s another entity in the pro-preleton capable of pulling turns with him up on point

Hmmm, perhaps a bit too rational to qualify as a true rant, but a good effort.

Thanks to all who dropped through last Saturday and made it a good night. Thanks again for the presents they are awesome. Here is the cake that Mrs Ant and co made:

Also massive props to supermanlegs who came halfway through the night with massive trays of food, and crates of drinks. Dead set legend.

Ah, thats where I left my car.

I wondered who owned it.